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Android and iOS users already have the provision to send the directions of any location to their smartphone from their desktop search results. Typing “send directions” into Google would help you automatically forward the directions of the place to your smartphone. This was followed by the useful feature to “send directions from Google Maps to your iPhone”. As a further update to these features, the directions feature is now going to be rolled out for the desktop Google Maps app as well. This will be available only for Android users.






The detailed steps for this have been mentioned in one of the Support pages with the title “Send a place to your mobile device”. These steps need to be followed to send the direction of a location from the desktop version of Google Maps to the mobile Google Maps app. You need to open Google Maps to your desktop and sign in for this purpose. Then, you have to search for the destination and click send to device. A place card will appear, and right below it you can find this option. This will be available only on the latest version of Android Google Maps, version 9.11.0. The notification about the place will be received on your Android device. This way, you can get your required location on your device. An important thing you need to remember is that using Maps in Lite mode will not allow you to send any place to your mobile device.

If you have more than one connected device for your account, you need to make sure that the notification is sent to the correct connected device that you intend to receive the notification on. You can see the list of all devices you are signed in on, and you can select whichever device you want to send your notification to.





Once you receive the location, you can tap on the notification to get the location. This opens up the location on Google Maps instead of loading up the route automatically. Now, you can start navigation to the place, or just check out the directions to the particular place. You can look out for further information and details about the place you are planning to visit. All the options to check the hours and pulling up the website of any particular establishment are provided here.




The feature for location sending is expected to be rolled out in the next few days. A server side change will be required for this purpose. This feature is also expected to be rolled out for iPhone users very soon.

Just recently, about a month ago, Google had updated its Maps app for Android. In this update, a useful feature was added with which the users would be warned if they were navigating to any place that would already be closed by the time they are expected to arrive.

The directions feature was rolled out by Google for Android users in April 2015. It was later made available for Phone users as well, by the month of June.

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