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Posted on Aug 19 2015 - 10:57pm by Aparna
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Twitter has been one of the most famous social websites. Many of famous discussions have taken place here. Famous people post their experiences and events on twitter so that they can directly deal with their fans and pals on a common platform. Earlier, Twitter has had discussions on removing the 140 words limit on normal messages. But of late, they have successfully confirmed this news that they will soon be getting rid of this limit which was imposed on direct messages. This act as been officially followed and they have removed it completely.

Today if you login into Twitter and try to send a normal message to your pals or any of your relatives, you won’t find this limited being imposed. When you check Direct Messaging, then you will see that the limit of 140 characters is missing. You don’t have to think before chatting with your friends. Now you can chat as much as you want with your relatives and pals and discuss any matter any time without worrying about character count.



Twitter is all about sharing your views and experiences on a social platform. This is a completely new platform. You can share and quote your experiences and opinions on such a public forum. When it comes to direct messaging, things are quite easy and helpful. You simply have to log in to Twitter and start with your personal chatting using various memes and emoticons. You have full freedom to discuss on news and other social issues going on. This is the reason why Twitter is focusing more on direct chatting more than any other factor. Many other events that unfold every other day can be discussed well. Thus, chatting as well as tweeting is always fun and exciting.

When it comes to the public’s way of perceiving things, there is no such major difference. All is the same except for the fact that they won’t have to think much before typing their characters. You can make use of emoticons and videos to raise your voice or discuss anything. Moreover, you can type as you wish using memes and other such things. This change is going to affect Twitter as well as the common people who are regular users of this website or app.



Most of the changes about this 140 characters limit will be seen on Android as well as iOS apps. You will surely get to see a new, but more than this, you can sense the difference in TweetDeck and Twitter when it comes to Mac. All these changes are surely going to help in a positive manner to the people as well as those working in Twitter. You can anytime try the new and enjoy its new features in line for you. All the changes are surely going to make a huge change and people will be even freer to chat as well as tweet whenever they want.

The Twitter Company is of the view that these changes are going to take effect all over the world and you will be able to see the new version in the weeks to come. This will soon take place, says the official head of the company. Still, if you are dying to try this newer version as soon as possible then you download the latest version of Twitter or upgrade to the latest one. Only then you can enjoy its benefits. However, if you are trying hard to send and receive direct messages with the help of SMS, there will always be a limit on this. Try this new app and make use of these features. You will surely love it.

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  1. Romain R October 30, 2015 at 5:48 pm - Reply

    If the twitter removes the 140 word limit for normal messages, it will be a great loss. It’s distinctive character cannot be missed…

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