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Printers became an essential equipment in office a long time ago. Today’s printers are way more revolutionary. 3D Printers are making headlines now. OLO is a newcomer in the field. OLO 3D Printer can print 3D objects using your smartphone.

OLO 3D Printer - Dimensions

OLO 3D Printer – Dimensions

OLO 3D Printer

OLO is designed to be easy and accurate. It is suitable for both novices and experts. This printer was first introduced in October 2015 in New York where it won the World Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Award. The highlight of this 3D printer is that it pairs with a smartphone to create objects. Half of the hardware is already with us daily in our pockets. This eliminates the need for any unnecessary equipment. The cost of the printer is another highlight. It has been priced at just $99.

OLO 3D Printer - Printing Process

OLO 3D Printer – Printing Process

OLO 3D Printer uses new raw materials called Daylight Resins. It is powered by 4 AA batteries. The printer weighs just a little over a pound and so is extremely light weight and portable. A shock proof neoprene travel case has also been introduced, but it is likely that you will have to buy it separately as it is not a part of the standard package.

Key Features

  • 3D printer + Smartphone – very Powerful Couple
  • Easy to Use
  • Can print from any designing Application
  • Can Print Real Time object very easily
  • Can Print Multiple Object in single go
  • Luminescent Objects can also be printed
  • The Printer is Super Silent

How it Works

Everyone is eager to know how a smartphone can play a key feature in a 3D printer. The answer is that the printer uses the light from the smartphone to harden the resin in the required shape and size. The user has to place the smartphone on the printer. The light of the smartphone will harden the printed shape and object. There are different types of resins in different colours to make a perfect 3D object. Resin types are hard, flexible, fluorescent, fusible and elastic.

OLO 3D Printer - Resin Hardening by the Smartphone Light

OLO 3D Printer – Resin Hardening by the Smartphone Light

To print a 3D object, the user has to do is select the design they have to print on their smartphone dedicated app or app of their choice with 3D scanner. Place the smart phone on its place (connect the smartphone to a power supply because it can take long based on the size, shape and complexity of the design). Cover the smartphone with the second layer – the basin and pour the Resin in to it. Cover it with the top layer and let it print. Once the printing is over rinse it with warm water and it is done.

OLO 3D Printer - Resin is never wasted

OLO 3D Printer – Resin is never wasted


There are many new and advanced portable 3D Printers available in the market but it can be assured that none of them are as cheap as OLO 3D Printer. OLO has made it their primary goal to make it available for everyone and easy to use by everybody. From the above mentioned features it can clearly be said that they have achieved it. OLO 3D Printer can be pre ordered for the price of $99.

OLO also has the option of sharing your creations. You can share your designs so other can print it out as a surprise. Your design can be Private, Group or Public. Revenue Designs are viewable but need a payment for printing.

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