Phhhoto is a cloud-connected mini moving image editor for iOS, coming soon for Android

Posted on Dec 9 2014 - 2:15pm by Sukanya
Phhhoto is coming to smartphones

Phhhoto is coming to smartphones

GIFs are undoubtedly one of the most exciting components of a daily internet routine. When words fail us, we always have these trusty animated loops that can accurately display the emotion we want to express. GIFs shared on social media, microblogs, threads and tumbleblogs are most commonly screen grabs from favorite TV series, movies and Manga comics like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. Though there are some sites like Giphy that specialize in collecting and curating the best GIF images for every situation, and some mobile apps that let you record a personalized emoji like Skype Qik; we still do not have an easy-to-use solution for creating and editing an animated sequence of images. That’s the issue the app called Phhhoto wants to address. 

Created by trio Omar Elsayed, Champ Bennett and Russell Armand who also run a digital works agency called; Phhhoto was born out of an initial, casual idea to create an animated photo booth which could masquerade as a simple and fun iPad app. At their office party, the concept was loved by everyone. This gave them the idea to build a sort of mount or easel for the iPad and affixed some funky lighting frames to make it look like a groovy enclosure. They then circulated this equipment to club parties and events on a rental service amounting to a few thousand dollars. This too caught on with peppy crowds around town. That’s when the team decided to convert the Phhhoto Pro booth into an app for smartphones. 

What Phhhoto aims to be is a smooth and cinch moving picture maker that can’t get easier. It lets the user create little GIF-like looped clips by just snatching up a set of random images you have ready in your phone and stringing them in continuance. The result is a quirky little animated image composed out of your favorite photographs. But the high spot yet is actually the way Phhhoto lets you capture a ”moving picture” from within the app itself. Which means, instead of taking a series of photographs on burst mode and then trying to compile them as a GIF, you’ll be able to directly shoot a mini movie. You can point the camera at whatever it is that you want to film and it will start capturing at a very slow shutter speed and that means only a few frames per second. So in all, you will be able to stitch together say, four clicks at a time. It reportedly gives unpredictable results, encouraging users to try more than one variation of the scene. And the app also has some quirky filters and effects for you to play around with.

Since its launch in July, the app has recorded about 3 million Phhhotos shared by users. Social sharing forms the very crux for the company’s growth graph and that explains how the sharing policy is absolutely flexible by letting users download their creations as mini videos that can be easily uploaded to Vine and Instagram too. 

Phhhoto is already popular among hollywood celebrities and music stars the likes of Katy Perry, Joe Jonas and Miley Cyrus and even tech personalities Mark Zuckerberg, Dave Morin and Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter. 

 Though there’s a GIF messenger called Kik that is pretty famous, Phhhoto aims to create something beyond just messaging and that is why it is designed like a photo editor cum social activity feed. The Phhhotos you create will actually be displayed on your profile in the app so friends can view them and comment. 

For iOS, you can download Phhhoto from here: Phhhoto on iTunes while Android users will have to wait a little longer.

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