PhotoShrinker will let you hoard photos on your phone without having to delete the older ones

Posted on Nov 17 2014 - 4:03pm by Sukanya
The PhotoShrinker app homescreen

The PhotoShrinker app homescreen

What’s worse than seeing the Battery Low symbol? Being punched in the face by that “No space left. Delete some files” message when getting ready to capture a once-in-a-lifetime, picture-perfect moment , that’s what. 

If you’re a person who loves to click it away to glory with your smartphone camera, you’d know how often you’ve been prompted to free up space on the phone before it would let you take another picture. This is especially the case when your phone isn’t so great in storage space. Even otherwise, all those heavy apps and tools take up a whole chunk of memory, leaving you with little space for pictures. We do have several cloud storage and back-up options but not all of us are fans of the pricey, occasionally confusing functionality of these apps. 

With an aim to give you a break from this predicament, there’s an app called PhotoShrinker that claims to let you store loads of photos on your phone without a care, making it possible to ‘shrink’ your image files in a way that will not make their dimensions smaller or let them get pixelated either. 

The mastermind duo who founded Hype Reactor Inc., aren’t developers or techies as such. They are reportedly marketing and finance grads who came together when employed at Google marketing division and later became self-taught mobile developers who now have a host of apps to their credit, namely SwiftPic – a photo chat for groups, an anonymous, wordless, lightweight messenger called Yo Sup (inspired by Yo) and HexGame, a hexagonal match-three puzzle.

The app is available for iOS as well as Android devices and affirms that it can shrink a picture to a maximum of 1/10th of its original size. This can save plenty of space from being crammed with large image files owing to high picture resolution in the camera settings. 

Incidentally, this could also encourage more iPhone users to make the move from iOS 7 to iOS 8 which has been witnessing a dismal 56% rate of migration in the previous month. The main reason that keeps users from getting on board the newer version is the fact that the upgrade takes up a whole lot more space than the iOS 7 does. In fact, PhotoShrinker will only work in the iOS 8 version. 

PhotoShrinker will work on iOS 8 devices and let you save oddles of space

PhotoShrinker will work on iOS 8 devices and let you save oddles of space

Using the app is pretty simple. After it is installed, you can simply select the photos you want to shrink in the gallery or select the entire collection to be shrunk at once. Your original pictures will then be instantly erased and replaced by their shrunken versions. So it is advisable to ensure that you do not select a photo you’d want to print out in high quality later because printers will recognize the original image extensions/formats only.

Note that iPhone users will not have to worry about that as these devices come with a deleted item back-up folder that cleans itself up in 30 days. Which means they will have to clear it up manually for the shrinking to actually have full effect. PhotoShrinker app even has a tutorial that explains how the user can automatically have the items deleted forever from the “Recently Deleted Items” folder. 

The app is available in both free and paid versions, giving users the capacity to downsize up to 500 images on the free version while the paid version typically removes ads and gives unlimited usability. 


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