Play The Curve. Rule The Game – All New Samsung CFG70!

Posted on Nov 22 2016 - 11:03am by Juwairia

Samsung has recently introduced a new high tech gaming monitor called the CFG70. This all new monitor has a curved display fortified with all the good things that a gamer could possibly ask for in a monitor. Check out the goodness here! But why is this monitor a game changer?

Take a look at what the Samsung GALAXY team have to say about this monitor:

The introduction in the Newsroom by Samsung explains how the CFG70 is focused on delivering a well rounded enriched gaming experience to ardent players. Among the many exciting features that were reported by the tech giant, the ultrafast 1ms response time and the quantum dot technology are what that makes the monitor richer and more desirable than the rest.

In a double blind test video we can see here, we can see how the curve with ultra fast response time eliminates all the motion blur at the top and the bottom, unlike the flat screen rivals with the same capacity. Due to the industry’s first quantum dots, movies or games look pretty immersive as well. Apart from the display, the robotic arm that holds the monitor is also so exciting. It makes adjusting the monitor a breeze.


Richer colors and contrast

The on screen display can be calibrated using the 5 way jog key at the back of the screen. The menu design looks like it was taken out of some game. Just setting up this monitor feels like a game on its own.

Let’s see the video again!

Lee Sung-jin, from the Samsung Galaxy team plays League of Legends. He ensures that the monitor doesn’t appear to be very curvy at first sight, but is immensively capturing during the game play.


The Preset Game Modes

Another Professional Gamer, Kang Chan-yong, points out that it is easier to pick up the game play in the corners in this new monitor. The colours feel surreal and superior to any other gaming monitor, adds Kwon Ji-min, from the team. With the game name Ruler, Mr. Park from the team is enchanted by the LED effects that come alive during the game play.

“When I play games on the CFG70, it’s so exciting that the LED lighting starts blinking along with the sound dynamics, which doubles the fun in playing games no matter if I win or lose,” says he, as the other continue to talk about the different aspects that interested them in the new CFG70.


Innovate Refresh and Sync

We don’t have a lot of information on the 27 inches model named C2FG70 yet, but the spec sheet of the smaller 24 inches is tantalizing. The nature of the LCD’s make them prone to blurring, which is why many hardcore players struck to their basic CRTs. This new monitor changes the scenario now. Of course, with every amazing product, there comes a trade-off. The only minor minus point of the CFG70 is its relatively low resolution. But even this is not a real turn-off – with the lower resolution, gamers will be able to make use of the high frame rates and enjoy the low persistence impulsive scanning mode.

As they say, play the curve. Rule the game!

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