Project Fi- A new Option but is it Simple?

Posted on Aug 8 2015 - 7:46pm by Pavithra Manisha
Google's Project Fi

Google’s Project Fi

Google’s Project Fi, is a cell phone service from Google that  combines Wi-Fi Calling. This service supposedly works on Sprint or T-Mobile’s network. The problem is that Project Fi shares infrastructure from Google Voice. But Google has been deprecating Voice and moving to Hangouts. Project Fi service grabs the best of the network that is available. Even if the nearest network is a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Project Fi | Take Control

Google Voice users, be ready to  face a delusion. Voice is a great service that practically abstracts your phone number away from the carriers. So this can be treated more like an email address that can go to any device or whomever. But Project Fi is itself a carrier that takes control of the phone number.

Google's Project Fi: Wi-Fi Calling

Google’s Project Fi: Wi-Fi Calling


Project Fi | Changes

But in case you want to port your number there is going to be a problem. Though you won’t loose your Google Voice Number and it will have the same features it had before you may however have to go back to the 2011 Google Voice chat site to manage you account. Here are some changes:

  • You can no longer text or forward via SMS but they are available in the Hangouts App
  • You cannot call people from Google Voice on the web but you can call through Hangouts.
  • There is a Hangouts dialer app on Android that you can use sometimes.

Supporters of Project Fi and Google will surely be irritated by the limitations. All though some of the changes may not cause harm of your Google Voice number  there is some changes to look at.

Whichever option you choose, once you activate Project Fi service on your phone, you’ll no longer have Google Voice on the Google Account you use with Project Fi. Keep in mind that Project Fi includes many of the best features from Google Voice, but you won’t be able to use the Google Voice website and apps or Google Talk to make calls and send texts, and check new voicemail.

When Fi’s zero-hold-time customer is used it reminds you of Google voice in some way.  You’ll also lose the ability to record calls, switch calls between phones, or have Google screen calls for you anymore. Oh, and group texting is kind of not available in Hangouts either. 

Though there aren’t many Google Voice users, Fi may seem to be a really good cell service to them, The tech savvy Google Voice users may notice these changes immediately.

Project Fi | Catch a Glimpse

Project Fi | Bottom line

Though Fi is great, the Google technologies it’s tied to are not. Google Voice was a great invention that is about to die now. Project Fi is the right way to pay for cell service. Hopefully it survives.

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