Qi standard based Ikea’s Wireless charging Furniture

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Tying your phone to technology? Is that what you have been looking for? Then here is the whole phenomenon of wireless charging. The Swedish furniture company ‘IKEA has taken technology to a whole new level. The company has partnered with Wireless Power Consortium to build Qi Wireless device chargers.  These chargers are built into a line of lamps and furniture like bed side tables. You may also buy Ikea designed pad to add Qi charging to any surface.

Ikea Featured

Ikea Featured

Ikea: Wireless Charging

Battery power and consumption has become a constant pain for most of the smartphone users. With more and more app usage these days like downloading video and location services through GPS  battery is a main concern. Charging the smartphones  has become a trait. You have to carry your phone charger everywhere or borrow one in case you drain your battery. But now with the technology at boon , wireless charging on furniture has come in handy. It is like living in a world that we thought would never exist! The innovation of wireless charging on everyday surfaces has been welcomed these days. Ikea has also announced that it will sell the wireless charging kits. These kits can be built into existing furniture. Ikea calls it “Home Smart” line.

Ikea's new furniture can charge your phone, no wires necessary

Ikea’s new furniture can charge your phone, no wires necessary

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Qi Standard

Qi is a Chinese word which means natural energy. Qi is an interface standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. It transfers power over 4 cm distances.

The system set up comprises of:

  • Power transmission pad
  • Compatible receiver

The system is used by placing the device on top of the transmission pad.  This charges through resonant inductive coupling.

System Overview

 Qi and devices that operate on Qi standard rely on electromagnetic induction.  The base station is connected the power source that provides the inductive power.  Base station also consists of the power transmitter that contains a transmitting coil. The coil generates oscillating magnetic field. The mobile receiver contains the receiver that holds it. The magnetic field goes on to induce alternating current. Spacing between the devices ensures that the power is efficient. So the wireless charging works through energy induction transfer. The furniture has to be connected to the power source. Qi standard is supported by Samsung, HTC and Microsoft.

Qi System overview

Qi System overview

Drawbacks of Ikea’s Qi based Furniture

The problem is that the standard could be incompatible.  In case your smartphone does not support the Qi standard then there is no point in going in for this hi-tech furniture. But that question mark remains in your mind. However this is not the only charging standard.  There is the Power Matters Alliance too. PMA standard  has teamed up with Starbucks and offers wireless charging at their cafes.

Green Goal of Ikea



Ikea claimed that wireless charging products are easy to handle and dispose at the end of its life.  There was the time of disposable electric tooth brushes that was a disaster as its technically impossible to separate the components. Resulting in toxic materials being dumped in landfills, thereby generating large e-waste.

Expected Price 

According to the Wall Street Journal, buying a wireless-charging-integrated product will cost €30 ($33) extra.

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    Innovative idea..But the fact that it works only on Qi enabled Phones is a serous drawback…

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