RayGo The Smart Device That Lets You Use Apps While Driving

Posted on May 6 2015 - 9:45am by Pavithra Manisha

Ping! You get a notification on your phone. You are highly urged to check your notification. But wait, you are driving. Does it matter? You anyway take chances and glance down, taking your eyes off the road and check your notification right away.  Its a deadly decision that we all take today. Here is an new eyes free RayGo device that has been designed to help you out. This funky black and yellow miracle gadget derived from patented smartphone technology was actually created for the blind.

RayGo Smart device

RayGo Smart device

The RayGo enables you to talk on your phone and check all notifications regarding texts, e-mail and a lot of other apps while driving. This ensures that you do not take your eyes off the road at any time to do the same.


RayGo |How to use it?

⇒ In order to use the RayGo device you first have to clamp the five button, hard plastic RayGo controller on to the steering of your car.

⇒ It then has to be paired to the vehicle’s Bluetooth feature.

⇒ The RayGo unit works with its companion mobile application that is currently available only on android now.

⇒ This companion android app converts your favourite apps, like Gmail, your smartphone’s calendar to drive mode .

⇒ The drive mode is essentially a simplified version of your existing apps that  programs  them to interact or talk to you.

⇒ To respond to the RayGo adapted versions of your apps, you can make use of the steering wheel remote or speak certain voice commands.

⇒ Pressing the up or down button on the remote by making use of just your thumb you can scroll through the various menu options.

⇒ You may press the left side of the RayGo remote button to navigate back and the right side button to signify enter into the menu or to provide a voice command.

⇒ You can also scroll through and select messages and notifications that you want to listen to.

⇒ You can also respond to select messages by canned RayGo text responses. Some responses are : Sure I’m driving. Will call later, Call soon, I’m busy and Cant talk right now.

⇒ You may also choose to respond to calls through certain specific voice commands.

RayGo |Use Apps While Driving Without Looking at the Phone

RayGo |Detailed Demo

RayGo |Saftey Measures

⇒ RayGo’s inventors, Israeli entrepreneurs Michael Vakulenko and Boaz Zilberman, designed the gadget to stop functioning when you shouldn’t be using it.

⇒ Relying on your smartphone’s accelerometer and GPS components, RayGo knows when you’re driving fast or executing a turn.

⇒ When speeding along at a good clip, the device’s audible responses become delayed and more pronounced.

 ⇒ When you receive a message while in the middle of a turn, RayGo will pause until you finish the turn.  

RayGo | Is it a Distraction?

⇒ In-spite of being tagged as an anti-distraction device, some claim that the RayGo, even momentarily  in and of itself is a distraction, pulling your focus away from driving.

⇒ It also somewhat limits where and how you hold your steering wheel and could possibly obstruct airbag deployment.  

RayGo |Similar Technology

There’s a similar product called Navdy set to launch soon. It is a kind of “Google Glass for your car,” it’s a heads-up display that allows drivers to obtain directions and receive notifications on a dashboard-mounted transparent screen. Pre-ordering the unit will set you back $299.

RayGo |Price and Availability

RayGo ranges from $55 per device. The gadget, available for pre-order on Indiegogo right now, already exceeded its $30,000 funding goal on the popular crowdfunding platform with 13 days to go. Shipping is to start this October.

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