Reasons Why You Should Play Pokemon Go

Posted on Jul 29 2016 - 9:05am by Juwairia

Pokemon Go is trending now. It’s viral. The players love it. Those who do not play, don’t understand it. But, Pokemon Go is not just like any other game. It has real benefits. If you are a Pokemon lover, *fist bump*. Go and play. You don’t need this post. Others, read on as we point out a few reasons why you should play the game.

Hocus Pocus Focus

It takes real concentration and focus to hunt out a Pokemon. The game exercises your memory and concentration muscles and keeps them in shape. You can improve your attention span too.

Strategy Building

The game also requires intense thinking and strategy building. It will hone your planning skills. You see a lot of Pidgeys around? Why not capture them all, exchange them for candies and evolve your Pokemons with those candies? See? You will develop the skill to think and plan out of the box.

Pokemon Go tests your determination

Pokemon Go tests your determination|Source

Will Power

Did you think that Pokemon Go is a child’s play? No way. This level of stuff requires real grit, energy and determination. In games like temple run, you only run on the screen. But in this game, you will run for life in real life. You need to figure out the area where rare Poke creatures will be lurking. You need to physically get there. You need to search every nook and corner to spot it. The game tests your will power, determination, energy and grit and improves them.

Couch Potatoes to Social Animals

In the recent days, we see that human beings don’t behave like social animals at all. Humans are stuck either to office chairs or couches at home, staring like zombies onto screens. The Pokemon Go has had success in making them behave like social animals again. To become a Pokemaster, you need to fight your own self and overcome social anxiety. A walk to the nearest Pokewalk is sure to get you new friends for life.

Meet the Real Life

We all love rosy worlds that are filled with merry, laughter and never dying phone batteries. But life on earth is more like a roller coaster. The game reminds you that, very often. Sometimes Pokemons come to you. Sometimes they run away. The game is not fair. So is life.

With Pokemon Go, You'll rediscover your neighbourhood

With Pokemon Go, You’ll rediscover your neighborhood|Source

Get to know your Neighborhood like the back of your Hand

Just play Pokemon Go for a week. Every cranny corner of your neighborhood will be printed and mapped in your brain like your name. No more dumb look on your face when somebody stops you for directions. You’ll come to discover the historical monuments that are hidden in your area.

Rapid Reflexes

The PokeBall is an art. Or a war. Aligning the green circle and flicking at the perfect moment needs your reflexes to be in the highest possible good health. The practice you get here is equivalent to a tennis game, we could say.

Tactful Observation

Observation, patience and perseverance are essential to play the game. You need to be in a constant lookout for a wild Pokemon. And you have to be tactful enough to throw the Pokeball at it.

Pokemon Go will inspire you to get moving

Pokemon Go will inspire you to get moving|Source

Fresh Air and Shedding Flab

You need to move around in the real world to play Pokemon Go. You’ll get lots of fresh air, great exercise, walking, biking. If you need motivation to go out, use the game and shed some flab.

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