How to Record Your Favorite Movies with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

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Movavi Screen Capture Studio allows you to record movies of any length on the video sharing sites. By recording the movie, you no longer need to have internet to watch it. You can also burn the movies you recorded with the screen recorder software to a DVD and watch it on your TV. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is different than Movavi Screen capture in that it includes a video editor suite. So, you don’t need to get a video editor software to edit your screencast if you get this version.

After you have downloaded Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you must launch the program. Upon launching the program, you must click on the record screen button and place the cross cursor over the online video player that playing the movie you want to record. You just need to click on the online video player once and the recording frame will set over it.

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The system audio is already enabled by default so you just need to adjust the volume to the appropriate level. You can toggle the volume slider on the left side of the system audio button up to the maximum to record the audio input of the movie sounds in full volume. Finally, you must click the round orange REC button to start the recording. You can press F10 or click the square button on top of the frame to stop the screen recording.

Once the screen recording is stopped, a player will appear for you to play back and check the screencast you record just a moment ago. When you click the scissor button, a marker will appear on the video. You can move the markers to the area of the video you want to retain and then press on the save as button to save that part in your preferred video format. To edit the screencast in the video editor suite, you can click on the Open in Editor button.

The video editor suite that comes with Movavi screen capture software offers basic and extra tools for you to edit the video. Some of the features of the video editor are pan and zoom, titles, transitions, and call outs. You can carry out basic video editing chores like split, delete, rotate, and enhance on the timeline work area. To add microphone recording, you can click the microphone button and choose your audio device. After that, you must press the start recording button to start the microphone recording.

As you click on the preset format under save as, the file size will show in real time so that you know which format is helping you to save the most disk space. To see more presets, you can click on the More Presets link to see other presets available for the video. After selecting a format, you must enter a project name for the screen cast in the file name field. You also have to click on the save to drop down menu to specify the folder where your recorded screencast will be saved.

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