20 Years of Mobile Phone Journey to Become a Smartphone

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Telecommunications certainly changed our lifestyle in remarkable format. We are approaching the Smartphone with Artificial Intelligence in the year 2015. It’s really a time to look out the journey that our today’s Smartphone from its proceeded phone in descriptive format. Have you known, when was the first mobile phone launched and by whom? Ignore both Yes or No. The world’s first mobile phone was launched in 1994 by legendary Electronics maker none other than Motorola and Nokia. In those days, Motorola has managed to sell over 12 million mobiles during a calendar year. Now a day Apple makes a record of selling 10 million devices in a week of launching its device. Let’s go back a long way to check out the journey of Mobile phone to the Smartphone.


Nokia 232 (1994) Vs Moto X (2014):

Peoples of late nineties were relaying high on the Motorola DynaTAC mobile phone which just looked like a small brick like structure (which is notably ignored in these days). Later they are attracted much by Nokia’s 232 which is really impressive than Motorola’s.

You know, the Smartphone Moto X (by Motorola) looks pretty similar to the Nokia 232 of 1994. Let us check out the distinctions and similarities between the two in the 20 years of Mobile phone journey.


The designs of the Nokia 232 Mobile phone were really futuristic at that time with pretty compact design in style. This mobile phone by Nokia won “Stack of Design” award. This is also being the first featured phone with vibrant colors. Moto X just mimics the same in this 20 years journey, by changing the back and front panels in distinctive colors categorically. Only the software and certain additional hardware buttons have been improvised in this journey.

Display and Operating System:

The Nokia 232 mobile phone has powered with 16digit LCD Display with finest indicators for battery power, mobile signal strength and other key features during on call. The mobile is powered with voice mail and comes with 5 distinctive ringtones for the call alert.

Moto X is certainly comes with all in class advanced technology in these days in compatible format. The 5.2 inch AMOLED Screen, option of capturing Ultra HD Videos are excellent. Its controllable using voice too.


Motorola X 2014

Definitely let us forget the 4G. The Nokia 232 mobile phone was launched with 1G (sounds crazy right!) such as Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) in the US and same termed as Total Access Communication System (TACS) in the UK. The option of getting the 14 character messages for the missed call notification is available right from that mobile phone generation.

While coming back to the technologies with the Moto X, it’s definitely huge. It has got everything NFC, GPS, Dual Band Wi-Fi, GSM, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA+ and even the 4G LTE. It also gets some of the exceptional powers with the help of Android Smartwears, Moto Hint Wireless Earbud and plenty of other stuff.

Battery Life:

You know the first Mobile phone of Nokia 232 has a capacity of offering you 50 minutes talk time and 10 hours of standby in those days using the 380mAh powered removable battery.

Whereas the Moto X ships its piece with 2300mAh capacity, which allows you to converse over 24 hours of time. That’s an improvement.


The Nokia 232 Mobile phone is capable of storing 98 unique telephone numbers with 30 digit name of the contact person indeed. Up to 20 Digital Message Service (DMS) each of 14 characters can be saved in the mobile. Don’t expect an expandable memory card here!

You know the power of 16 and 32GB variants, internal storage with Moto X!


The very important and crucial thing which you need to know about the Nokia 232 comparing the sophisticated Moto X. 1994 version launched with a price tag of about 49.00 Euro. The Moto X comes with 400 Euro.

Hope you are really living an advanced mobile communication at cheaper rates than your elder generation!

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