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Posted on Jul 10 2016 - 9:30am by Juwairia

Only very few of us have really mastered the art of conquering the snooze button. Our every day life schedule depends on it, yet we mortals loose to it every time. The Ruggie alarm is a solution for this worldwide problem.

Ruggie Alarm

Ruggie is basically a floor mat which has to be spread near the bed. It has a small LED display that allows the user to see time and set the alarm. All the working mechanism of the alarm are inside a hidden zipper under the device. The mat is made of memory foam of 15.5″ X 23.5″ dimensions. This rug also has powerful built-in speakers. In order to stop the alarm, user has to stand on the mat with both feet, for three seconds. Sleep will steer clear in these three seconds.

Ruggie Smart Alarm

Ruggie Smart Alarm

Unique Features of Ruggie

  • No need to worry about hitting snooze.
  • Pleasant sounds to wake up.
  • Quotes from famous persons can be integrated to alarm tone.
  • Ruggie is so sleek and can be carried easily like a mat.

Invention of Ruggie

Ruggie was basically invented to wake up its user peacefully and make them more effective in their day to day works. It kick-starts the day in the most energetic way possible, without room for a second option. According to a study, people who hit snooze for extra 5 to 10 minutes of sleep only get groggy instead of refreshed. If the snooze button gets eliminated, the groggy monster will be gone.

In the video promo, Ruggie wakes you up with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s slogan, which goes, “Ready to kick some a**? Come on! You can do it! Do it now! Have a wonderful day”

The rug has also been carefully designed not to disturb anybody while sleeping. It has a touch sensor which only powers on the LED display on sure touch contact. Sounds from the alarm have also been designed not to awake the user startled.

Ruggie Smart Alarm

Ruggie Smart Alarm

This smart alarm can be bought for the price of $79 which is £55 or AU $115.A shipping charge of $15 in US and $20 for shipping to UK and Australia are added. Usually Kickstarter sets a goal for every product they introduce. For, Kickstarter set the goal at $36,000 but Ruggie has already made a huge collection of $76,000, which is way more than expected.

If there are no hurdles in the production of, then all the orders are expected to reach customers within September. can surely be named as one of the best ideas of the year and its success can already be seen with the number of orders it has gotten since its intro.

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