RYNO – A Single Wheeled Bike

Posted on Jul 21 2016 - 1:15pm by Juwairia

Two wheelers are the most preferred and the most common mode of transport for many. RYNO makes the ride more adventurous. It has only one wheel.

RYNO – The One Wheeled Bike

RYNO is a complete revolutionary bike that rides on a single wheel instead of the traditional two or more wheels. RYNO stands for Ride Your New Opportunity. The complete architecture of this bike has been built on a single wheel. The one wheeler is stable and balances well because of its broad tire. The beast is powered by a battery which has been placed on the side of the wheel. It uses two SLA batteries which can be replaced with Li ion battery for a price. The SLA battery used in the RYNO can power the bike for 15 miles. The maximum speed of the unicycle is 10 mph, the speed of a fast run.


Operating RYNO is very easy. It does not have any throttle. All it needs is a user to ride it. It is very sensitive in sensing the user’s gestures. Actions like moving forward and stopping the bike are carried out by sensors. To move forward, all the user has to do is slightly lean forward. To stop or slow down the bike, one has to slightly move backwards. Even though RYNO works on a single tire, the ride feels just like a normal scooter. To turn to left or right, the rider has to just slow and turn when needed. To park the bike all the user has to do is stop the bike, put off the balancing system, put the vehicle down using builtt-in parking bumper and engage the parking brakes.

Key Features of RYNO

  • Unique Style – the single tire design is very unique.
  • Adjustable seats – short or tall it doesn’t matter.The adjustable seat suits people of all
  • Clean powered adventure.
  • Half the bike twice the fun.

RYNO on display

The idea of this innovative ride was born from an innocent question of a 13-year-old daughter asking her father whether it was possible to create a single wheeled bike. Chris Hoffmann, a self-taught engineer with 15 years of experience in the auto industry, just drew a prototype idea on a napkin that was on the table.

After seeing the wild sit-inside-bike demonstrated in the 1940’s, Hoffmann began to give life to his idea too. With the latest technology available, Hoffmann was able to perfect the design to make RYNO the first micro cycle in the world. It can be said that an innocent dream of a child has fulfilled the dreams of many adventure loving grown-ups.

The main advantage of RYNO is that it can be used anywhere. Not limited to the road alone, it can be used even on the sidewalks. With this dream bike, travelling in very little gap is possible.

Parts of a RYNO


RYNO is a dream come true for many experimenters. This bike looks like something that came out of a sci-fi movie set. RYNO is can pre ordered. It is not yet open to mass production yet.

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