Saavn-Snapdeal partnership – Android device makers could get a piece of the pie

Posted on Nov 22 2014 - 10:15am by Sukanya
Saavn and Snapdeal sign deal

Saavn-Snapdeal association can boost consumer interest

I can’t even begin to explain the number of ideas and businesses this deal promotes, provided, things go according to predictions. Years down the line, this model will be hailed as the epitome of win-win business partnership solutions in India. Last week, Uber cab hiring service announced the integration with Spotify to help passengers have a better experience traveling on its cabs. If you thought that was a rad idea to make the music streaming site more popular, this new contract will amaze you. 

Saavn, the emerging Indian (Bollywood) music streaming, digital album distributor site is looking for ways to pull in traffic to its app and web-hosted portal. It has laid eyes upon Snapdeal, also an emerging e-retailing site that has got many exclusive product premiers to its credit. Both these companies have smartphone apps available for free download on Google Play and they have now signed a deal thanks to which, Android phone users have a reason to smile. If you own an Android smartphone, all you’ll have to do is open the Snapdeal site on your browser or login to the smartphone app and shop on it. Snapdeal will recognize that you are an Android user and send you a coupon code offering 2 months of free Saavn premium music streaming. And it’s ad-free. You can then redeem the coupon on the Saavn app you can download from Google Play. Kunal Bahl, CEO and co-founder of Saavn asserts that the terms of the deal lasting for one year will provide for different other promo offers while this one will most probably be valid upto 3 months. However, every user will be given only one Saavn Pro promo code. 

It looks like Saavn, the company that upping its game against native competitors like, is hoping to pull off a Spotify in India and last year, the company launched its Pro service priced at INR 220 for a month’s worth of ad-free, offline playback like the recently released YouTube Music Key app. In fact, it is the first South Asian music site to allow fully offline music tracks. Kunal explains that the integration with Snapdeal was a decision the company took on observing the rising trend of online shopping in India and the rapidly increasing use of smartphones to browse shopping sites and product review forums. Statistical data seems to affirm this theory. Android takes up a huge share of the Indian mobile market (90 percent) and Snapdeal has announced that 70 percent of its orders are flowing in from smartphone devices; a figure that the company expects will reach 90 percent next year. You do the math. 

Snapdeal is a nascent e-commerce site that’s getting positive reviews for customer service and ease of use. Indian customers are much more appreciative of offers like these that give them the ability to preview a new service they might otherwise be hesitant to sign up for. However, as pointed out earlier, the success of this plan depends considerably on how far users are inclined to purchase the premium service after the sample period they get for free.

The Saavn-Snapdeal collaboration could spur so many other similar Indian businesses to pursue this strategy and that could imply a better adoption rate of Android phones as well as of mobile broadband connectivity, which is already booming in several parts India.

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