Samsung to Run Tizen in all its 2015 Released Smart TVs

Posted on Jan 5 2015 - 4:22pm by TechliveTech
Samsung's future Smart TV's would be powered by Tizen

Samsung’s future Smart TV’s would be powered by Tizen

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has announced that all its new smart televisions released in 2015 are to be powered by the Tizen operating system. In this way the South Korean company is putting in fresh efforts to increase the usage of this software platform.

Samsung moving itself from smartphones to smart TVs is putting up tough competition to its rival tech giant Google. The first set of TVs from the biggest TV manufacturer in the world will be revealed later this week running Tizen software. These TVs are to be unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Also it is expected that Samsung might demonstrate their communication capabilities with other electronic devices like washing machines, vacuum cleaners etc.

Samsung at last year’s developer conferences demonstrated Tizen based TV sets. Smart TVs are developed in a way to provide additional connectivity and software functions like video streaming, web browsing capabilities and so on.

According to analysis, the internet connected appliances market is worth $7.1 trillion and Samsung is all set to carve up of it. Last year the company launched few Tizen based phones that did not spawn a good response. So Samsung is now trying to use the OS for its TVs and other electronic device that way that is followed by Google and Apple in using their OS.

To the Tizen products list, Televisions would be added along with certain cameras and smartwatches. Samsung to have it freed from Google Inc’s Android platform is getting its own OS software to reach out to as many devices as possible.

As predicted by developers unless Tizen creates a meaningful user base they could expect only little incentive to have innovative software applications used for the system. Yes of course the launch of Tizen-based TVs can increase the platform’s user base but it is unknown if this alone could be enough to interest the developers. Smart TVs users might not use as many apps as they would do on smartphones.

Samsung rose to the top level globally with its phones sales but were all based on Google created Android platform. Samsung mobile phone unit, the generator of the company’s profit went down by 74% and its sales deteriorated by almost 33%. This shock has made the company now to look out for other alternative sources for generating profit.

To have an alternative for Android, Samsung collaborating with companies like Intel and Docomo developed Tizen that still is expected to play a vital role in Samsung’s smart-home business. Tizen with its ability to run on low computing power devices like washing machines and refrigerators is to offer its users the ability to control and monitor those devices remotely.

By the way, just to note Android powers 84% of the worlds smart phones.

There is no sales target given by Samsung for its Tizen-powered Smart TVs and is expected to use its leading manufacturer of TVs position to build up with the growth of the new Tizen OS.

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