Samsung SMART MultiXpress – Are you SMARTer than your Printer?

Posted on Jun 13 2016 - 10:33pm by Devesh

Samsung Electronics recently introduced a range of Multi-Function Printers (MFPs). These SMART MultiXpress printers were recently introduced. These Samsung SMART MultiXpress MFPs are the first Android equipped printers. They have been designed to be independent and intuitive. The Samsung SMART MultiXpress MFPs have been designed to be used irrespective of the business environment.

Source : Samsung Print Solutions

These MFPs feature Samsung’s SMART UX Centre. This is part of Samsung’s dedication and focus for developing printer solutions. Their goal is to have these printers seamlessly fit in the ever-changing Smart office work dynamics. The Samsung’s SMART UX Centre is able to operate independently of a PC, is app scalable, and delivers a friendly User Interface (UI).


SMART MultiXpress: Printing Through a PC, Why Need One?

Samsung’s SMART MFPs come with a 10.1” touchscreen panel. These touchscreen panels enable users to print from:

  • Web browsers
  • E-mails
  • Maps
  • Images, and
  • Almost any other type of content

All of this is done without needing to connect to a PC. Users can even bypass the connection to a print server. The touchscreen offers users the capability for previewing documents. It also has the ability to edit and annotate as well.

SMART MultiXpress: User Interface and Personalization

Samsung’s SMART MFPs comes with the SMART UX Centre. This is the same somatic sense-based, customizable User Interface tech that is featured on Samsung’s Galaxy range of smartphones and/or tablets. The SMART MFPs are regarded as the first application of haptic technology, an industry first. Haptic tech creates a sense of touch by the use of vibrations that gives users a more tactile experience.

SMART MultiXpress: Unlimited Connectivity and Extensibility

All Smart MultiXpress MFPs come with Android OS. This empowers them with unlimited printing scaling. This is similar to current smart devices print applications. Users will get on-the-go connectivity by the way of Samsung’s Cloud Print. This reinforces connectivity and the scaling of these MFPs. Additionally, all Smart MultiXpress MFPs come with Samsung’s eXtensible Open Architecture platform. The eXtensible Open Architecture platform is customizable for meeting specialized needs of today’s businesses.

SMART MultiXpress: NFC Printing Tech Improvement

SMART MFPs also have NFC Pro capabilities. This is in important requirement in today’s changing business needs. The Samsung NFC Pro accessory is sold separately. The NFC Pro accessory allows MultiXpress MFPs easy access to smart devices for mobile printing. Users also get a better authentication process. IT administrators will receive improved security functions by using the NFC Pro accessory, such as cloning the security settings to multiple MFPs.

SMART MultiXpress: Reliability and High Quality

Samsung’s SMART MFPs will provide customers with efficiency and productivity. The SMART MFPs will provide the user with greater document processing speeds. The general output is around about 2 to 2.5 times faster than previous MFPs. This also allows various users the ability to print and scan large documents without breaking a sweat.

Additionally, Samsung’s MultiXpress MFPs also have long-lasting toner and drum technology. This technology extends the lifespan of the MultiXpress MFPs. In the end, this provides users with high-performance, dependability, and a total cost of ownership that is far lower than the competition.


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