How to Schedule Messages & Send Through Whatsapp

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Who wouldn’t love a surprise on an ordinary day. Generally humans are fond of being surprised. If it happens to be your birthday, you tend to be more eagerly waiting for them to happen. There are a lot of people who also like to give surprises to their dear and near ones through messages on special days.  Somehow we forget out loved one’s birthdays or special days because of a monotonous day at work. We can’t stay awake till midnight to be the first one to convey a wish. That’s why there came an option to Schedule Messages. Scheduled Messages send messages automatically to recipients at a particular time and date that is set by the sender.

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Schedule Messages | Message Scheduler for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the easiest way to stay in touch. Irrespective of where you stay or work, you can always be in touch. Features like WhatsApp calling, video messages and audio messages makes it even more a great platform to message. With WhatsApp being a prominent source of communication these days, it is also possible to schedule WhatsApp messages using scheduler apps. Google play has a lot of apps to let people Schedule Messages and send them at intended time automatically. Download the app from Google Play store. After installing the app tap and launch it.

Download Scheduler for WhatsApp ROOT

Steps to Schedule Messages

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Choose the recipient to whom you would like to Schedule  Messages.
    Choose the recipient to Schedule Messages

    Choose the recipient

  • Fill in your message in the text box that you would like to schedule and also the time the message should be sent to the recipient.
    Type the Scheduled Messages

    Type the Scheduled Message

  • In front of the text box press the send button and tap action.
  • Options to take a photo or video, share location and Schedule a message will appear.
    Options to send Scheduled Messages

    Options to Schedule

  • Select Schedule a message option. Select the time and data that the message should be scheduled for.
    Select time and date to Schedule Messages

    Select time and date

  • Once this is complete it will notify the date and time to confirm.

The message to be sent at a particular time has been scheduled successfully. In case you don’t want the message to be sent. You can cancel the scheduled message.

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