Sense gives your modern household eyes, ears and a brain to Personalise connected devices

Posted on Feb 23 2016 - 12:21pm by Pavithra Manisha


Sense by Silk Labs connected devices

Sense by Silk Labs

Its time you meet Sense by Silk Labs. Sense can detect your presence recognise your voice and gestures, learn your preferences and compose your connected devices to respond to you appropriately. A beautifully designed, powerful and intelligent addition for your modern connected home. 

Lights can turn on when you need them, music that you wish to listen will play, the thermostat will ne adjusted and Sense will do this all automatically. As the eyes, ears and brain of your home, Sense takes into account the context, people, places, time, objects, motion, gestures, audio and more because it knows all your personal preferences and routines. It does all this by keeping your personal data safe just at home. Sense can also run third party applications and can personalise its capabilities just the way you want it to.

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Sense for your connectd devices

Sense for your connectd devices


Sense will make your home more intelligent with connected devices

Sense is the new age beautiful connected camera that everyone has been waiting for. Make your home more intelligent as Sense has the following features:

  1. Connect with smart home devices
  2. Interact through voice and gestures
  3. Learn and adapt
  4. Add apps for new experiences
  5. Know who’s home
  6. Keep tabs on your pet
  7. Get meaningful notifications
  8. See your home securely
  9. One-touch secure set up

When you get home, Sense can connect with the smart home devices. It works with lighting, sound and thermostat systems. It is so powerful it lets you interact through voice gestures as it uses a powerful onboard processing. It learns and adapts so it recognises patterns and finds out your needs in a simple step.

The best thing about Sense is when you are away. It lets you know who’s home as it can distinguish people using computer vision for facial recognition. It is always aware of who is at home. It can keep track of your pet’s movements. It is triggered by people, events and relevant activities so it wont simply trigger notification based on simple motion, light changes or your pets. It is more thoughtful when it comes to notifications.

Simple setup

  1. Plug it in
  2. Launch the app
  3. Tap Sense on your smartphone

It is that simple. Sense will be up and running. Paired to your handset encrypted for your eyes only.

The best feature of Sense is its extensibility. Install Silk apps and add new capabilities and experience from third-party developers too.

Sense Specs Connected devices

Sense Specs

Sense is sensible on its own

it runs applications locally. It utilises machine learning that lets it create more intelligent, meaningful and useful experiences with your connected devices on the device itself. This makes it more secure than other smart devices.

The gentle sloping design of Sense is a reflection of founder’s belief to soften technology welcoming it into our life more organically based on human experiences , beautiful materials and elegant design.

 It isn’t like other connected devices that processes data remotely on the cloud.

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Back the Kickstarter campaign and avail one by late 2016 as Sense is the first product that runs Silk.

Get heard. Do you know other smart connected devices to secure your home? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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