Smart Running Shoes: Xiaomi & Li-Ning Partner to Create Smartshoes

Posted on Mar 17 2015 - 1:08pm by Pavithra Manisha
smart running shoes

Xiaomi-smart running shoes

Xiaomi the leading smartphone manufacturer of China is all set to partner with the Chinese athletic shoemakers Li-Ning to produce “Smart Running Shoes”  by this year end. After launching connected devices like wristbands and air purifiers, Xiaomi has now turned to footwear.

Smart Running Shoes

Smart Running Shoes

This new effort of Li-Ning is a strategy that it has adopted to improving the companies depleting shares in the current market. This initiative is a swift move to attract youngsters with all new design features. That way it is possible to revive its status back in the market. This unique partnership between Li-Ning and Huami Technology (a property of Xiaomi) is noted as the first time collaboration between sports and technology. Li-Ning was a major sponsor during the 2008 Summer Olympics that was held in Beijing,China. NBA basket ball celebrity, Dwayne Wade endorses the Li-Ning company’s shoes.

Smart Running Shoes: A New Attempt?

There have been previous attempts by companies like Adidas and Nike to make running shoes smarter. By inserting a sensor in the shoe itself and from there information being relayed to a smartphone. Though the idea did not click that soon.  But here we are with Xiaomi and Li-Ning taking on the idea to the next level with its Smart Running Shoes. Apple and Nike places an iPod-friendly sensor into shoes way back in 2006. And just a little later Adidas’ miCoach Speed Cell was used to tally speed, distance and others for a range of activities.

Smart Running Shoes: The Technology

Smart Running Shoes

Smart Running Shoes

The Smart Running Shoes will employ the same technology as mentioned earlier. The smartshoe is said to have a chip. The chip will be embedded inside the sole of the shoe. It will be wirelessly connected to the Xiaomi smartphone app. The app will there on take over. It allows the runners to keep track and analyse their performance. Based on this the runner can go on to further adjust their performance. Compared to the previous idea the sensors were an optional add-on. But in this proposed model the chip will be built-in.


According to the Press Release of Li-Ning:

“We have chosen to collaborate with the Mi band because of Huami Technology’s strength in ‘smart’ wearable products. We hope to use this opportunity to provide professional  “Smart Running Shoes” to running enthusiasts in China at an affordable price”

Smart Running Shoes: Price and Availability

No word is out related to the pricing of the “Smart Running Shoes”. But the runners in China are assured that they can expect the smart running shoes at an affordable price as stated by Li-Ning. It also looks like the shoes will not be available outside China.


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