Smartwatches: Have The Smart Watches Really Arrived?

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Upcoming Smartwatches

Upcoming Smartwatches

The Smartwatch Fad:

There is a special announcement for all smartwatch lovers in September. There will be more than one branded smartwatch that will be launched in the marketSamsungSony, Motorola, and Apple are all planning to release their products in the next couple of weeksIn a single shot, mobile manufacturers are going to release their latest smartwatch models. Most of the models, like Smartwatch 2Galaxy Gear, and Toq will be released in the same year. Many people were disappointed with the Galaxy Gear and LG G Watch. According to the user’s feedback, mobile manufacturers are updating their products and planning to release them in September.

Current Standards:

Most of the current smartwatches have some kind of technical defects due to the current implementation of Google’s Android Wear SDK (Software Development Kit). Apple is also working on the wearables platform with their Health-Kit and Home-Kit Framework.

When you compare the existing products, Pebble has a more accurate platform as this is done with the help of the developer community. Since the Android Wear platform was launched this year, there is no surety for 100% success in new smartwatch product launches. It will take time to update based on user feedback.

What To Look Out For:

Upcoming smartwatch designs will be very difficult to implement. The reason is that most smartwatch manufacturers are trying to design them like the old wristwatches. For example, the Palm Treo and other Windows Mobile Devices were very good, but they were very hard to make.

The Motorola 360 smartwatch is very fascinating and people won’t forget this model because it is the first smartwatch that is round in design and has waterproofing. Of course, the upcoming Apple designs will also be very different when compared to Motorola. Apple’s iWatch is expected to be released in 2015. Another product, the META M1 Watch from MetaWatch, has a very enticing design. It will also be released in September.

Current Smartwatch Features:

Some of the current smartwatch features are health and fitness and contextual news. We still have to lock-in on a ‘killer app’ for smartwatches.

We’re eager to discover the potential of tools like Google Now and Apple Siri have when they become attached to our wrists. Samsung’s Gear smartwatches have the S Voice feature, but that hasn’t lived up to its promise. We don’t want to give input manually to the device. Health will also play a critical part in the success of smartwatches. Most people are interested to monitor and calculate them fitness data also.


Finally, there’s still a great deal we don’t recognize or understand fully about the new products coming out in the follow month. Re/code, for example, argues that Apple’s iWatch wearable will not ship until 2015. Motorola had offered controlled Moto 360 smartwatch demos at Google I/O, but the specifics on many of its features have only recently become clear, including the pricing. Even so, if things go as planned, we’re on the cusp of watching a new product category mature, just like smartphones in 2007 and tablets in 2010. Most of the well-known mobile brands are going to launch their smartwatches in September.


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