Sony Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S1 – Great Romantic Ambience!

Posted on Sep 8 2016 - 9:25am by Juwairia

Sony Glass Sound Speaker is the latest speaker from Sony that aims to create a better mood with good sound. It blends seamlessly into any space and is clear with a soft glow.

Sony Glass Sound Speaker

The Sony Glass Sound Speaker is made up of glass. The main component is glass because the sound is created by the glass in this speaker. The gadget is of a cylindrical shape with an LED filament placed inside the speaker which can act as dim light to give a pleasant surrounding to enjoy the music.

Sony Glass Sound Speaker

Glass Sound Speaker – Seamless Blend

Sony Glass Sound Speaker also consists of a woofer which is place below the glass speaker to provide a good audio experience. It can produce deep bass using the deep bass translucent passive radiator present in the bottom part of the speaker. To keep the design neat, Sony has limited the number of input and output ports to the Sony Glass Sound Speaker. The ports are minimal – 19.5 V power input, Audio in port and on/standby button at the bottom. The speaker has an advanced Bluetooth connectivity than the traditional ones for a good wireless experience. Controls for this Speaker are placed at the bottom too.

Sony Glass Sound Speaker

Audio Ports

Key Features

  • 360 Degrees Sound System – Crystal clear sound is evenly sent in all directions so user doesn’t have to sit in front of the speaker.
  • Stereo Double Mode – Connect two Sony Glass Sound Speakers to enjoy Stereo Mode or Double Mode
  • Elegant Design
  • Easy to Carry
Sony Glass Sound Speaker


Other Features

This latest speaker from Sony uses glass tube tweeter to produce high, clear and 360 degrees sound from the speaker. Sony has used Advanced Vertical Drive Technology, a new audio technology developed by the company, here to ensure even sound delivery in all directions. There are three actuators present in the glass of which create vibration in the organic glass to produce the sound. This gadget can also be connected with a smartphone using the SongPal app on both iOS and Android. The app accesses the controls to the speaker and plays songs from the smartphone.

Sony Glass Sound Speaker is more than a normal speaker. The design of the speaker is very unique and futuristic. The brightness of LED present can be dimmed using the Mobile App. The inbuilt battery can last up to 4 hours which is not a great backup but makes it easy to use during traveling. Sony   Glass Sound Speaker is little bit on the expensive side and does not compensate user with increased bass.

Sony Glass Sound Speaker

LED Light – Can be Dimmed from a smartphone


Sony Glass Sound Speaker is not a most essential equipment to be bought. If you have a few extra bucks, then it is definitely worth buying. The new transparent look of the speaker along with the LED light inside gives out a premium feel. With the help of LED present inside, user can create a pleasant environment such as placing it in the dining table as candle light along with pleasant music to make their romantic moment picture perfect. Sony Glass Sound Speaker can be bought for the price of $ 799.99 from the Sony Official Website.

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