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When it comes to the countdown of the Top New Best Future Tech Smartphone Gadgets 2016, it is a hard decision to make considering the number of new geeky smartphone gadgets that are innovated year after year. With technology booming in and young minds kindling through smartphone gadgets, there are a seamless list of these smartphone gadgets and here are the Top 4 (not sorted based on relativeness) as compiled by earmer.

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Top 4 Smartphone Gadgets of 2016

1) nexpaq



The nexpaq is the first of its kind smartphone case that consists of 12 modules which lets you customise, enhance and extend functions to your existing smartphone. These modules seem to be small squares and on adding each one of these pieces you are adding new functions to your smartphone. These modules join together to form the phone’s case. You needn’t turn off your phone when you are adding these modules. You just got to slide the modules snugly to the back of the case and the case will power your phone with extra battery, additional speaker, sensing capability and other functions like temperature readings, night vision cameras, blood glucose meter etc. This case is currently  available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note 4, Note 4 Edge and OnePlus One. Currently  the twelve modules for your phone that the developers have packed include: Battery power, temperature and humidity, amplified speaker, USB flash, laser, breathalyzer, super LED flashlight, hotkeys, backup, SD card reader, air quality and dummy. Also these modules can be shared and exchanged with each other.

2) WonderCube



The WonderCube= Charger + Memory + PhoneStand + Emergency Power and other essentials for a mobile gadget. This is indeed a multipurpose-1-cubic-inch accessory that is going to evolve as a must-carry. The makers understand the frustration of users having to carry cables, power banks, OTG memory and the list  goes on. So they have packed all that you need into a tiny cube that does wonders! It is compact in size that can unfold and transform into a number of ways. When you carry with you a WonderCube you are sure to have a cable with you all the time, you can quick charge anywhere anytime, you are carrying a mobile stand, you are carrying with you extra memory and you can also back up your data anytime. It also serves as a LED mini torch and comes attached with a key ring so that it can be attached to anything.  The WonderCube comes in two versions: An Apple lightning and micro USB connector. It is compatible with almost all smart devices. Carry this wonderful 8-in-1 accessory around as it will definitely serve the purpose.

3) Light Phone

Light Phone

Light Phone

Yes you got that right. It is a light phone. Not that it weighs less, but because this credit card-sized phone brings light everywhere. The light phone is a phone away from your phone as it works with your existing smartphone. Light enables simple contact without unwanted rings and pings. The light phone comes preloaded with a SIM card and an app. It uses your phone number and it serves like an extension of your other phone. It comes with great specs and the phone is just packaged into a better design so that it is simple for users.  




The ISOCASE is an unprecedented protective and functional case that transforms your smartphone into a tablet. It addresses the all time problems of low battery life and break-ability. All the tech specs of your smarphone remain the same but with this ISOCASE you will receive a extra large battery, a larger size, a powerful sound system just like a tablet. ISOCASE features include a SD card slot-microSD upto 128 GB, armor shell and impact resistant soft core, extra powerful battery-10000mAh, extra fast charge , powerful and uncompromising audio system, gorilla glass, shock resistance, waterproof, dustproof, scratch resistant, glare free flash photos and a slim body that goes with it all. To sum it all the ISOCASE transforms your ordinary phone into “The Beast”, a full-sized ultra-durable tablet (as quoted by the makers).

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