SoundBot II – High Performance Wireless Speaker

Posted on Sep 30 2015 - 11:43am by sachin KM

SoundBot II

SoundBot II is a new generation WiFi speaker which can be recharged using Qi Wireless charging technology and is introduced on the Kickstarter crowd funding website. It delivers high quality sound and enhances your overall music listening experience through innovative technology. This beautiful gadget has many features like Siri, NFC, wireless charging, bluetooth and so it is more than just a portable speaker. SoundBot II is seen as the benchmark for all the next generation speakers. Wireless technology is the most important feature of this system and you can experience quality music from anywhere you want. It is light, compact and extremely well designed.  Here we look into some of the main features of the speaker

SoundBot II

Wireless Charging

Just drop and pick is only needed for the process of charging & discharging. You have to first plug it in, then place the SoundBot II on the pad and it is ready. In the PowerBot wireless charging pad, the gadget can easily be placed because of the textured rubber pads. One of the main advantages of this type of charging is that it reduces the wear and tear on the charging ports. While charging, the use of speaker’s power port can be avoided.

Speak to SoundBot II

SoundBot II

SoundBot II is compatible with the Siri and android voice command feature to work around your voice. It provides information, play music, answer questions, check weather etc. By using your Siri or android feature a personal interaction is possible with your speaker. When you are connected to your smartphone, it is easy to use.


This device delivers sounds with exceptional quality. It is 360degree omni directional audio that can fill the room with immersive sound.


SoundBot II’s shape is similar to apple. It is easy to take keep the gadget with you where ever you go.


SoundBot II

•    Product weight: 5.78 oz
•    Dimension : 2.92*3.28 in (D*H)
•    Bluetooth Chipset : CSR 4.0 BT8602C Bluetooth chipset
•    Built in Mic: -37+- 2db
•    Battery charging time: 2.5+- 0.5 hrs
•    Battery capacity: 400mAh
•    Speaker output Frequency Response Change: 20KHZ
•    Output Sound Pressure Level: 318, at 1mW (0.178V)
•    Microphone input Frequency Response Range: 1KHZ

PowerBot Specs

SoundBot II

•    Product Weight: 1.34 oz
•    Dimension : 3.92*2.76in
•    Input voltage: DC5V up to 2.1A
•    Transmitter power: 5W
•    Charging current: 5V, 500-2100mA
•    Accept Distance: 0.31in

The way you listen to music has been dramatically changed after the emergence of speaker technology. Music still continues to make a great impact on our lives. So it is very important that the quality music should be available to every individual.

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