A spy gadget? Meet the ultra-bulwarked Boeing Black

Posted on Dec 23 2014 - 10:47pm by Sukanya
The Boeing Black phone brings the best of PureSecure from BlackBerry

The Boeing Black phone brings the best of PureSecure from BlackBerry

Boeing is not only working on completely revamping the core mechanism of its civil aviation aircraft line with the Yellowstone technology, it is also reportedly building a phone. Yes, you read it right. The Boeing Black phone is supposedly a fortified handset aimed at being the quintessential digital fortress for intelligence agencies. 

It is not to be mistaken for the Blackphone, the similar offering from Geekphones, made for individuals and corporations with high data security needs and the ultimate purpose of the Boeing Black doesn’t put it in the same league though.

Boeing Black has been engineered in collaboration with none other than the seasoned Canadian handset manufacturer, BlackBerry, attributable with the kind of gadgetry that is unparalleled for its unmistakably ostensible sophistication. Android users with a need to leverage a key data storage citadel that is the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, will now be able to gain access to it on an out-of-the-ordinary spy-fi gizmo, masquerading as a simple, classy smartphone. 

BlackBerry has been focusing part of its efforts on building dedicated gizmos for the defense and allied groups across the world and predominantly in the USA. Its PureSecure project is specifically aimed addressing the needs of these entities with respect to owning and using handsets with augmented security. So far, the Department of Defense has welcomed the technology with open arms while the NSA is yet to grant its approval for infiltration of the devices into usage by its personnel. 

Boeing vows to deliver high-end, layered protection from one end to the other, against data breach and theft, aimed at individuals and communities engaged in defense and security operations. All the way back in February, Boeing submitted patent documentation that gave an insight into this wonder phone that has since been on the docket. Accordingly, the Boeing Black which comes with the futuristic self-destruction model, does not comprise of any serviceable components. This logically means a buffer against hacking initiations at the grassroot level. Because technically, the phone doused in a deep, rich black is just as dark when it comes to hiding your important data. Supposing a hacker tries to tamper with its casing, the screw-secured, epoxy-fortified Boeing Black will automatically go into self-destruct mode, wiping itself clean of its memory and rendering the interface unresponsive. Even unauthorized attempts at servicing or repairing a part will lead to this fatal end. 

The cross-platform BES 12 pool launched this November, supports specialized devices running Android, iOS, Windows OS and of course BlackBerry. The trusted access algorithm on this phone will likely tap right into the server to help users securely manage and attach a digital lock on all their confidential documentation, vital records, evidences, so on and so forth. 

All that John Chen, CEO, BlackBerry has revealed so far is not much other than the headline itself. We are yet to hear from either company as to how intense and to what extent the phone will provide cover in terms of the applications, hubs like the Silent Suite and the operating system interface itself. 

Modular back panels on the Boeing Black offer customizable security augments

Modular back panels on the Boeing Black offer customizable security augments

Although we do know the feature highlights that the device packs and they include modular hardware fittings – an interchangeable pack panel that is embedded with a either a radio signal communicator or a satellite transmitter as the user would prefer. Then come the revolutionary, much-hyped solar power chargeable battery and the biometric sensors for the quintessential fingerprint screening protection. The PureSecure overlay also provides for hardware-level (disk) encryption, configurable meddle-curbing controls and secure boot. Another rare thing about the Boeing Black is the dual-SIM support which can come in handy for intelligence agents. 

Tech Specs

Display: 4.3 inch QuadHD 

Battery: 1590 mAH Li-Ion

Connectivity: Bluetooth v2.1 

Processor: Dual Core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9

Slots: MicroSD, MicroUSB, PDMI (Portable Digital Media Interface)

Price: USD 629





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