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A San Francisco based company called Stacks have come up with an elegant, beautiful and a simple solution for overcoming the inconvenience we face while keeping laptop chargers and other cables under control at our desks because of the frequent use of those systems. There are many cord organizers available today in the market, but when it comes to cord organization Stacks is far better than others. This desk accessory can act as both desk organizer and home decor. It is considered as a better solution to messy cords. It is a ‘work of art ‘and is beautifully designed, providing minimal solution to organize the cords.


The wire passage way has a length of 6.35mm x 6.35mm and is the perfect size for any modern day charging cable, headphones or any other wires that needs to be organized. Each cube will be of length 2.5cmx2.5cmx2.5cm with 6.35mm x 6.35mm passageway. This desk art comes in two designs, Industrial steel and Classic Brass.

Industrial Steel


Here we use stainless steel which is utilized for its unique strength, toughness and corrosion resistance.  This steel is having many features.
•    Known for strength, sharpness and durability
•    Extremely high boiling point
•    It is used in situations where strength, heat resistance and durability is a must.
•    It has a shiner finish

Classic Brass


Brass is a fusion of copper and Zinc. It was created to enhance the strengths of copper. Some of the important features are mentioned below
•    It is more corrosion resistant than copper
•    It is harder than copper
•    Utilized in healthcare because of its germ killing abilities.

How Stacks are made

First of all the ores are extracted from the earth through the mining process. Then it is fused for optimizing the strength and luster. After that process the material shape will be properly fixed and it will be polished for sheen and scratch resistance. Finally the material will be properly organized and will be given the final touch so that wires can be properly fixed.

The Stacks is a San Francisco based company which improves the arrangement of tech accessories inside the home and office.  Industrial steel and brass art are used to organize codes/cables. This is a simple and productive way to keep your cords in check. The way you arrange the materials on your desk will influence your day to day life activities.  

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  1. Romain October 8, 2015 at 3:33 pm - Reply

    The design is so elegant and impressive. It will surely reduce the inconveniences that happens during the process of charging…

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