A Swatch Smartwatch to launch in couple of months

Posted on Feb 6 2015 - 12:20pm by TechliveTech
Soon Swatch to reveal its Smartwatch

Soon Swatch to reveal its Smartwatch

Swatch, the Swiss watchmaker on Thursday confirmed to reveal its own smartwatch in the next couple of months.

Swatch popularly known for its colorful and attractive lines of watches was initially uncertain about entering into the smartwatch business and this was confirmed by its CEO Nick Hayek on talking to Bloomberg news agency. However, now the company is ready to get into the business directly to compete with high end competitors like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and many others.

When Hayek was asked about the Swiss company’s concern to the smartwatch from Apple the reply was that the company had already seen the market with its smartwatch for a long time but did not reveal any details pertaining to a new product.

Already being in the watch trade for decades, Swatch had been creating features that could very well be called as portions of smartwatch, taking into consideration its bendable, long-lasting and thin batteries. To consider something more is its Tissot lineup that offers high-tech touch-screen watches equipped with features like a compass, altimeter and sensors geared up especially for divers.

Last September, Swatch revealed that it is to launch watches with “smart” features next year to compete with the so-called wearable gadgets of other big companies. The company had also remarked that it takes up the dawn of smartwatches only as an opportunity rather than a threat and that it would give its new Swatch Touch next summer.

What’s new with Swatch Smartwatch?

Swatch Smartwatch is to get charged by itself

Swatch Smartwatch is to get charged by itself

With fairly limited information from Swatch what could be new with the upcoming smartwatch is its ability to connect to the Internet without the need to get charged along with its interoperability between Android and Windows OS, says Hayek.

To explain on its feature to get charged by itself, it is expected to do so either via a rotating weight that charges a very small internal battery or it might be a linear weight that bounces inside the case. What so ever it is this technology isn’t new as already it was tried couple of times. On further discussing on this regards it can be noted that Seiko has made Kinetic for decades that on using a mechanical winder charges a small battery. However, the key fact here is that only very limited kinetic energy gets generated by a swiftly moving weight. So the energy transfer though enough to run a small watch battery might not be sufficient to run a color screen. This shows that Swatch’s possible interfaces are limited, but it partnering with a tech company can make it possible which again is difficult.

Hayek also added up stating that this new smartwatch from Swatch would sport features that allow its users to make mobile payments and also to work with both Android and Windows software along with the ability to count the steps their take and the calories burnt by them. However, no comment were made with regards to its support to Apple’s iOS but is to reach the market about the same time as the Apple Watch that is to get launched in April this year.

Coming to the success or failure strategy of any Smartwatch makers, it mainly depends on the challenge factors they are up to face. Smartwatch makers are forced to create consumer-friendly products that are out of issues like watch size, battery life, the overall comfort factor and its compatibility with smartphones. All these factors determine the success or failure of the product. But Swatch’s years of experience might help it out however it still needs to face heavy competition with other major companies of the tech industry and also players like Pebble which this week announced of it shipping more than 1 million smartwatches.

With not more of details revealed, spokesman on commenting that Migros and Coop to be their Swiss retailers indicate that the watch would at least initially be made available only in Switzerland.

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