Switching the Default App Now Becomes Tough In Windows 10

Posted on Nov 2 2015 - 10:51pm by Aparna
Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 has been a rage since the last few months, especially amongst those who have a craze for software and the latest PC updates. During such times, it is Mozilla who is grabbing attention these days for not being so happy with the latest release of Windows 10. Adding to it, it has been criticizing Microsoft for not being so fair with the default applications in the upcoming Windows 10.

Mozilla is highly concerned with the apps given out by Windows 10. This is because they are standing as a huge competition for them. Moreover, this is just the beginning as many other things are going to fall in line. They have also inspected deeply into the matters which were against their standards. The company is now much concerned about practices which will help them to promote their business fast and in a better manner. They are in a great hurry to install and promote apps which are beneficial to them and will also help them be ahead of their rivals by a huge margin.

Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 came up with a recent version of preview built 10568. This was leaked by the Mozilla Company. This recent build says that if the user has Microsoft Edge set as their default browser for Windows 10, they usually go ahead with installing Chrome or Firefox in their systems to get a better browsing experience. Later on, they have the choice of shifting to any of the browser or its latest versions by simply updating it on a regular basis. With this, Mozilla has recommended people to go for prompt which will, in a way, compel or convince people to give a try to Microsoft Edge and enjoy its unending benefits for life.

Microsoft Edge - Windows 10 browser

Microsoft Edge – Windows 10 browser

Microsoft Edge is new in market and comes with a host of features which will surely help your PC with a load of things to pen down. Microsoft comes with a set of several features like its ability to annotate with the help of Cortana and many others. They also have a good visual effect which helps highly in making the Windows 10 OS more attractive and user friendly. For instance, there is button which enables Edge and keeps it as the default browser for you to browse easily. And all this is just the beginning. There are various other striking features which will make Microsoft Edge one of your favorites.

They have also undergone changes in certain other display features of the Windows OS to give it a classy look. However, for the dialogue box, they have not worked much on it, keeping it in the same manner as the previous one. A few weeks back, there was a post which became quite famous on the web. This blog was especially written by the CEO of Mozilla, Chris Beard, to the CEO of Microsoft, i.e. Satya Nadella, where he openly expressed his concerns when it came to Windows 10 and some of its most prominent features. Mozilla came up with a problem which said that it was not quite easy to change the default app in their latest update of Windows which made it quite tough for the people to use Mozilla. Moreover, it made the company feel insecure that they may not get the same type of audience and customers like before. While the users are installing a certain application, they cannot make changes in their browsers so easily. This has led to a reduced use and thus, reduced instances of downloading the software, affecting the company directly as well as indirectly.



All the updates by Windows 10 are compelling people to put in more efforts to make changes in the default app. People who had updated their Windows OS didn’t expect such a huge change, or, you can say, hindrance. This has made the task tough with many clicks coming in the way of making certain installations to get software other than the default one. Moreover, people have to scroll through the entire content and again deal with all the technical issues and formalities. Also, they have to make all the choices with were already set in the previous versions of Windows all over again. All this has led to a more confusing and tiring process which many of the users are trying to avoid.

It is not so easy to navigate from here to there again and again for mundane tasks. People can easily lose track of their work and get stuck in something which was not expected. Hence, in a gist, Microsoft has made it harder for people to deal with the newest version. But, the best part is that all these problems are there only in the leaked version of Windows 10 and not in the original one which is about to release. Hence, download the original version and enjoy all the functions uninterrupted.

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