Top WhatsApp Alternatives for Android Users

Posted on Feb 20 2015 - 12:34am by TechliveTech
What could be the best WhatsApp Alternative for Android Users?

What could be the best WhatsApp Alternative for Android Users?

WhatsApp is now the famous instant messaging app used widely by almost everyone. And considering Android device users, everyone is fond of using WhatsApp for instant chatting. But it is needed to know that WhatsApp is not a free app always, it offers its users with a trial period and once the trial period ends users need to shed 0.99 dollars per year to enjoy its fantasy. Though this is not a big amount to spend there are people who would not wish to spend even a penny on any of these applications. If you are one among them or you want to chat for free always then this article is to let you know the best WhatsApp alternatives that work well on Android devices.

This article focuses on the various other instant messaging apps available for Android devices that can be used as alternatives for WhatsApp.


Telegram is the messaging application that has security and speed as it main focus. This is free, fast, secure and very easy to use. Not just this, the application syncs with all devices like phones, tablets and desktops. Sending photos, videos, texts and files of any kind (be it .doc, .pdf, .zip, etc.) freely is possible with Telegram which also offers cloud storage. Telegram users are allowed to create groups of about 200 people, which is double the group limit of 100 offered on WhatsApp while broadcast messages could be sent to 100 people.

Telegram from the time it came into being is steadily gaining unusual positive reviews. whilst WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, Telegram world started getting many users for the reason that Telegram when considered with privacy and security matters of users has got better approach than WhatsApp. Though recently WhatsApp introduced its end-to-end encryption it is still struggling to succeed with its online privacy and security matters. Finally if you are a person looking out for a tremendous safe application that is also tremendously fast in carrying out commands,  then Telegram could be your best choice.


Next to WhatsApp, the other very popular messaging application is Viber that has about 460 million users and above around the globe. With Viber people can send photos, videos messages while also making video and voice calls for free. This application, unlike WhatsApp comes with out-and-out versions for being used on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. The desktop version of the application can very well sync with the Android application. So with all these abilities Viber conversations can be had on any of the devices that allows responding from any of the aforementioned devices.

With Viber following celebrity accounts is possible, in chats stickers can be used and of course calls to the app’s non-users at a decent rate is possible via the ViberOut feature.


Line is again a popular app in terms of VoIP services. Though it doesn’t have huge numbers, it definitely has a number of best features when considered with free instant messaging and voice and video calls. With Line Messenger, messages could be sent free, voice and video calls around the world can be made for free. In addition, Line users get access to additional cool features like the facility to follow online celebrity accounts just the way it is done with Twitter or Facebook and also users can play games while chatting with friends. This application is by now getting quite popular in most countries. Line with the ability to support wearable devices comes with a very simple sign up process where just the user’s phone number is required to get the account created.

Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is Google’s social messaging application that came into being just last year sometime with its main focus to replace GTalk. Google Hangouts allows users to make calls for free, send free messages, and send photos, stickers, maps and even gif files. There is a Dialer associated with Google Hangouts with which users can key in a phone number that can be called. The application can further be made interesting by creating a video conference that can have up to 10 participants.

It can easily be said that Hangouts is the best Android messenger app available today but it being new needs other improvements and enhancements added to it which is to make it a much better app than what it is today. 


BBM developed by Blackberry is claimed to be the most secured application of the list. Blackberry had the application first developed only for their devices. But now it is modulated to be installed even in Android devices allowing its users to chat with their friends and also with a group of friends. On top of this the application comes equipped with features like free voice calling, instant message and many more.


WeChat is yet another messaging application that allows it users to make free calls and send free messages. Even group chats can be created using WeChat while also sending multimedia messages and stickers gets easy with this along with playing multiplayer games.


The Hike Messenger is the one developed in India that comes with many features like hidden mode, sending of files that even include multimedia files, sending messages and lot more is possible with this application. This also supports 128bit SSL encryption standard making all messages sent via Hike more secure.

Yahoo! Messenger:

There could be no one without knowing Yahoo! Messenger as it used to be one of the most famous and popular applications some time back. But now the scenario is different for Yahoo! Messenger as it is continuously losing its users. With Yahoo! Messenger application voice/video calls can be made along with the ability to chat with Facebook, Yahoo friends and Windows Live. Like any other messaging app, Yahoo! Messenger also allows its user to send videos, photos and files. 


GroupMe is the one with which users can be in regular contacts with their closest friends. This, same like WhatsApp to add friends need their phone numbers.  However, it also gives its users option to add friends by using their email addresses as well. Through this GroupMe, users can share photos, send messages and also create group chats. 

Kakao Talk:

Kakao talk enables its users to send their location, photos, videos, voice notes for free to their friends. Also some nice stickers and emoticons come along with the application making its users enjoy while using them. Additionally, free calls can be made using this application while also messages could be sent to other friends. So for someone who is a multi-tasking person, this is for sure to give them maximum enjoyment. 


Well there would be no one working online without using Skype as it is considered the emperor of online communication. It is still the best and top listed of all instant messaging apps by many people. Skype has offered free voice and video calling features ever since it got started and is still offering them raising no doubts among its users. Skype is still the favorite among all the Android users, the main reason for it being its great capabilities when considering free calls, file sharing and the non-Skype affordable calls. Yet, this app has not got more appreciation and the reason for it being the dawn of dozens of other applications which out there provide similar services just like Skype. 

For those who feel a bit sentimental can anytime get back to Skype which is not going to disappoint its users as far as messaging needs are concerned. 

Hope the above details have given you a wider knowledge of some of the best WhatsApp alternative instant messaging apps available out there which can be chosen once you are done with the free trial period of WhatsApp.

Post in your views and suggestions with regards to the article in the comments section below. Anything more to be added to the article can also be noted in the section below.

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