Toshiba Android Smart TV Launched in India Rs.39900 Only

Posted on Jan 21 2015 - 8:06am by Techie Gen

We definitely know the invasion made by the Android operating system in each and every part of our day to day life. Right from the Smartphone to Smartwatch, Automatic cars to Smart TV’s, everywhere you can find the innovation with the Android OS. The time that Humanoid Robots will be made operational through Android operating system is not too far categorically. The main advantage of doing stuff with this OS is that, it is an open source software with ample of apps and games for your utility and pastime respectively. This is the core cause of the massive hit behind the innovation and reach with Android OS.

Smart TV with Android Operating System:

Toshiba Android Smart TV Launched in India Rs.39900 Only

Toshiba Android Smart TV Front View

The televisions with the old Java games are going to hell! In these modernized days you can certainly get the most innovative products from the manufacturer at your taste without any higher investment. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 has paved a fine way to showcase the manufacturer’s hi-tech devices to the world. In such a manner, Toshiba, a Japanese based multinational electronics maker has come up with a brand new idea of implementing Smart TV with Android OS. Though this stuff is not a fresh concept, which had been done by a giant’s like Sony and Samsung in their TV products, the features and the concept made here were really innovative than them.

Toshiba Unveiled Android OS Based Smart TV in India:

Toshiba officially announced their 4K powered Android Smart TV in India with the price tag of Rs.39900/- with myriad sizes as per the promise at CES 2015. This 4K power Smart TV is the highest expectation possessed consumer electronics of the year 2015. Though the maker is providing a laptop with 4K display technology at the rate Rs.90000/-, announcing a Smart TV with the same display with less than the half of Laptop is an impressive move. Interestingly, you are also gifted with various HD and Full HD products along with 4K display Smart TV, which will really be surprising to the naked eye vision.

Important Features of Toshiba 4K Display Android Smart TV 2015:

  • Built in Wi-Fi Hot Spot
  • Access to Google Play Store
  • Runs with Android Kitkat OS
  • Connects with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Just in a click, you’re Smart TV can shift to an Android Smartphone or even a tablet device. It’s just a click away to effectively access over a million of apps and games made with Google Play Store (using Google Account). As the Smart TV runs with the Android Kitkat version 4.4 OS, the user interface and smoothness will really be more impressive than many other Smart TVs for sure.

Gaming Control with Toshiba Android Smart TV:

Toshiba Android Smart TV Launched in India Rs.39900 Only

Toshiba Android Smart TV Features View

Just in order to make a full uses of the Smart TV other than watching the Full HD videos, Toshiba implemented some of the finest gaming consoles with it. One of the interesting feature executed with Smart TV is that, it supports the wireless Mouse and Keyboard, which is effectively useful for the gamers to enjoy playing right from sitting at their desirable place (within range).

Price of Toshiba Android Smart TV:

The brand new Toshiba L9450 aka UHD 4K Series Android Smart TV is available in 3 variants, such as, 50 inch, 65 inch and 84 inch as well. The price is also varied according to the same, 50 inch at Rs.199000/-, 65 inch at Rs.3,69,900/- and 84 inch Rs.10,49,000/-. If you are interested in getting a standard version of the Smart TV, you can avail the same in 4 variants. The 32 inch available at Rs.38990, 40inch at Rs.58990/-, 47 inch at Rs.85990 and Rs.129990 for 56inch.

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