Tough Wears Well as Corning Introduces Gorilla Glass SR+ aimed at Wearables

Posted on Aug 31 2016 - 9:23pm by Pavithra Manisha
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Corning has come up with a new type of its renowned Gorilla Glass that’s designed mainly for smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wearables. Dubbed the Gorilla Glass SR+, it is designed with scratch resistance as wearables are prone to scrape through something, that you wear all day.

Corning Gorilla Glass SR+

Corning Gorilla Glass SR+

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Corning Gorilla Glass SR+

Corning is looking to cover wearbles with its Gorilla Glass just like it took over displays of major smartphones and tablets.It was recently that, Corning launched its Gorilla Glass 5 for smartphones.

This comes as a competition to sapphire crystal. The Apple watch uses the sapphire crystal to cover its displays. This particular crystal is harder than glass and difficult to scratch. Sapphire crystal is hard to make and so there seems to be a need for alternatives. Corning is trying to be that “one” to replace it. In a statement it revealed that the SR+’s scratch resistance is “approaching that of alternative luxury cover materials.

Earlier referred to as Project Phire, the SR+ from Corning will emerge as a powerful research project that will make its way to all wrists. “In early 2015, Corning launched Project Phire with the goal of engineering glass-based solutions with the scratch resistance approaching luxury cover materials, combined with the superior damage resistance of Gorilla Glass,” said Scott Forester, director, innovation products, Corning Gorilla Glass. “Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ delivers a superior combination of properties that is not available in any other material today – it is in a class of its own.”

Corning says that SR+ glass has “70 percent better damage resistance against impacts and 25 percent better surface reflection” than that same “luxury cover material.” That’s particularly important, since sapphire crystal is known for being scratch resistant, but prone to cracking after a drop.

If Corning can keep up that aspect then the SR+ may offer good scratch resistance than the regular glass and also better crack resistance than that of the so called luxury cover material.

With the IFA trade show nearing in this week, may be we can look forward to some of those funky wearables covered with the SR+.

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Get heard. What do you think of  Corning’s attempt to bring the Gorilla Glass SR+ to wearables? Let us know in comments.

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