Twitter Increases the Direct Message Character Limit – Convey More

Posted on Jun 13 2015 - 9:21am by Techie Gen

Twitter one among the trending micro blogging platform, which gives you the power of sharing your thoughts as crispy as possible. Twitter is considered as a more powerful platform than many other social stages, due to the high number of star profiles are associated with it. It allows you to easily follow your real time celebrities on the go and stay updated about them! Though there are ample of phenomenal benefits are accessible, there are few real time shortcomings experienced with it. Some of the major drawbacks of using Twitter comparing to many other leading Social Giants, it lacks with the limitation in the characters to send your message followed by limited duration video support.

Twitter Increases the Direct Message Character Limit - Convey More

Twitter Increases the Direct Message Character Limit – Convey More

Twitter Increases the Direct Message Character Limit:

There are two types of message conveying options are available with the Twitter. One is the traditional tweet, which allows you to share something publicly on your timeline. The second way of communication is termed as the Direct Message. Interestingly, Twitter limited the both communication to be possible only at the limited 140 Characters. This is considered to be one of the major concerns of the leading Micro Blogging platform – Twitter.

Just in order to make the users feel comfortable about sharing their feelings beyond the limit, Twitter made an official announcement for the same. From today, Twitter increased the private message or the Direct Message Character Limit from the traditional 140 Characters to 1000 Characters. This official news is originally shared with the Developer Blog – Twitter, last day. This move definitely allows you to bring more feelings to share effectively with your Direct Messages.

Will Traditional Tweet Get’s Improvement in Future:

Most of the users feel wonder about the move from Twitter i.e. increase of characters support in Direct Message Character Limit. At the same time, we could definitely get the feel of any future improvement to the traditional tweet of 140 Characters. Twitter clearly says “NO” for the same wonderful question raised in billion minds.

Official Statement from Twitter:

Twitter Increases the Direct Message Character Limit - Convey More

Direct Messages Character Limit Improvised

“You may be wondering what this means for the public side of Twitter. Nothing! Tweets will continue to be the 140 characters they are today,” this is officially declared by Twitter on its timeline. If you folks cleared noted the statement, you will find the 140 characters limit message. This is one of the strongest evidence to the statement offered by Twitter for Twitter to Twitter, isn’t it?

Direct Message Character Limit Increased due to the Competition:

Hope you know, Facebook, WhatsApp and several other real time instant message service providers are allowing its users to share their ideas with much improved space than Twitter. Twitter certainly acted in the right time, why because, the process of instant message would definitely become a great deal of it in the future. Unfortunately, you can’t experience the same until July, 2015. There is few background works are handled by the service provider and test are being conducted over the same with several apps by Twitter.

Review API Additions to Get Effect:

In order to enjoy the Direct Message Character Limit improvement effectively, the official message from Twitter asks the users to “review API additions, update your GET requests so you will be able to receive the full length of DM text and adjust your app UI to accommodate longer DM text.

Bottom Line:

Twitter Increases the Direct Message Character Limit - Convey More

Twitter CEO Step Down Today

The transition of Direct Message Character Limit from the 140 to 1000 is definitely an incredible move by Twitter. Also, some of the official records state that, Twitter Co-Founder Mr. Dick Costolo decides to step down as CEO of Twitter and Twitter is in search of a suitable person to fill the vacancy. If you feel eligible for the same, don’t hesitate to apply via Twitter, as direct message allows you 1000 characters in the future, write briefly about yourself, LOL! We will give you the live update about the implementation of this feature after July.

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