Twitter’s First Acquisition in India is the Bangalore-Based Startup ZipDial

Posted on Jan 21 2015 - 2:44pm by TechliveTech
Twitter acquires ZipDial, a Bangalore-Based startup

Twitter acquires ZipDial, a Bangalore-Based startup

Twitter has finally reached an agreement with the acquisition of the Bangalore-Based startup ZipDial. Twitter officially announced of its acquisition of ZipDial, a mobile-marketing Indian company that with ‘missed calls’ connect brands with the audience. This being its first acquisition in India, Twitter plans to use the Bangalore-based firm’s expertise to access the world more easily and to mainly reach out emerging markets.  Not just this, this acquisition also gets Twitter a new engineering office in India indeed.

Twitter and ZipDial who were in talks since last week seem to have closed the deal at a cost of about $30 to $40 million which is around Rs. 185 crore to Rs. 247 crore.

According to Twitter’s VP of Product, Christian Oestlien, over the next years billions of people for the first time are to come online in countries such as India, Brazil and Indonesia. In this many people might have their first online experience on a mobile device but what might prevent them from experiencing the true Internet power could be the cost of data. And Twitter partnering with ZipDial might make grand content more accessible to all.   

ZipDial - mobile-marketing Indian company

ZipDial – mobile-marketing Indian company

What ZipDial is?

ZipDial with Valarie R. Wagoner as its CEO, Amiya Pathak its COO and Sanjay Swamy as its Chairman was first established in 2010. It has already worked partnering with Twitter before.

ZipDial with making users give a missed call on a particular number that is connected with a celebrity or other Twitter enables them to receive their tweet alerts through a text message service.

ZipDial, apart from Twitter has also operated similarly with Facebook and of course with number of brands for similar campaigns. ZipDial which has also confirmed of the acquisition has revealed that it has carried out connections numbering a billion with about 60 million users.

According to ZipDial’s post, the company uses a combination of voice calls, SMS and the mobile Web for bridging offline and online usage and its missed call system to enable callers receive free inbound content rather than to have relatively expensive systems such as SMSes or mobile data.

ZipDial’s Founder and CEO – Valerie Wagoner in a statement said that it is in these newly developed and emerging markets world’s more than half population dwell where consumers are found using their mobile phones differently. And it is for them ZipDial’s innovative platform is built that has already balanced across Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa, from where they operate. He also expressed the thrill involved with the company collaborating with Twitter to expand their impact globally.  

Also Twitter’s India and Southeast Asia Market Director, Rishi Jaitly said that they are extremely impressed with ZipDial and are delighted to have the firm with them. He also revealed of their primary mission in India which is to make every Indian holding a mobile device to enjoy the greatest and relevant Twitter experience. And as per him this mission even gets strengthened by the acquisition. He also said that Twitter which is rich in media and has a platform for SMS best suits India which on the other hand is a mobile-first country celebrating media heritage.

Highlights of ZipDial:

  1. ZipDial has earlier worked with Twitter on several campaigns such as Bollywood film promotions, Indian elections and so on.
  2. About 60 million users including world’s leading media companies and brands are engaged with ZipDial’s platform.
  3. Using this ZipDial’s platform from their mobile phones people all over India access cricket scores, their favorite Bollywood stars tweets, audio programming and so on.
  4. Similarly famous personalities like film stars, athletes, politicians use ZipDial’s platform to reach millions of citizens via Twitter.
  5. It is with ZipDial’s mobile platform people engage and follow content across all interfaces.
  6. ZipDial combining voice, SMS, mobile web allows its users experience bridging of offline to online.

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