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Lenovo has always been in news for its diverse creations when it comes to PCs or Laptops. They are in the business since a long time and you can trust their services as well as products anytime. Recently, Lenovo had this “unwanted software” controversy which was not going well. This has been curbed by the latest BIOS firmware update that has disabled this unwanted software problem.

Lenovo has had to face huge criticism in terms of PCs and laptops which was suppressed by the Lenovo officials. One of the largest PC manufacturing companies recently talked about its certain programs being forcefully downloaded on the PC or Laptop. Last week, the company was accused by several users stating that the PC manufactures were using a certain “root kit – like” technique. This forcefully installed certain unwanted programs and apps on the PCs which were driven by Windows. Lenovo was quite clear and they were using this BIOS firmware which was responsible for keeping track of some of the applications on Windows file system. BIOS was also responsible for overwriting it on the boot-up having its in-house alternative option called Lenovo Service Engine or LSE.



This has made the PCs and Laptops more vulnerable as they are continuously tweaking the BIOS. If further chance was given to it then it can even allow an attacker to gain high access or admin level access of the system. They can even install certain malicious or dangerous codes which can be quiet risky for your data and other important work saved by you. Recently, by the end of July, Lenovo came up with a plan which can patch up the problem highly. But one problem is that this issue requires certain manual handling.

Recently, they made a public announcement where they said that Lenovo has now come up with a BIOS firmware. This firmware was released on July 31. This allows the user to disable any script which makes the installation process automatic. Moreover, you don’t need to download unnecessary software which can make the system slow or complicated. After you go for a full window wipe, you can anytime reinstall all the required programs again on a Lenovo PC or a Laptop.

Lenovo has had to incur huge loss due to this vulnerability. Many of the high level laptops like Flex 3 1120, Yoga 3 11, and Horizon 2 27 were affected by this downloading of programs. Now, it has been taken care that all the PCs and Laptops shipped after the month of June 2015 are not infected by any such vulnerability. You can use them safely and thus try to make the most of your work. Lenovo, in a recent conference, stated that this vulnerability came up as the result of the way Lenovo was utilizing Microsoft Windows. Their mechanism was highly used in the BIOS firmware which is named Lenovo Service Engine (LSE). This was installed in a certain customer’s PC. But, to sum it all, the think-brand PCs are unaffected.

Lenovo and Microsoft have joined hands to solve this issue as early as possible. They have come up with certain ways which can be quite beneficial for the company. They have highly exploited the Lenovo Notebook implementation. They have explored all the possibilities the attacker can come up with. They also tried butter overflow attack and the attempted connection to a Lenovo text server, in their range.



You can anytime download the updated firmware. It is there on Lenovo’s website. You can thus, save your PC and laptops from unwanted software to be downloaded directly without any permission. Depending on the configuration of the BIOS on your system, you can take help of all the instructions put up on the website so that you can install the firmware easily, without any hassles. Thus, keep your Lenovo PC and Laptop undated with this firmware.

This is that second time the company has come into news for such an installation of unwanted software. Protect your PC from such malware and enjoy interrupted service.

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