Vision correction can be done by future Smartphones

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Soon days could be reached where people can get devoid of using glasses and contact lenses as the emerging new technology can automatically adjust the display screen for better vision. This could defiantly turn out to be good news for all those who have to carry themselves with either glasses or contact lenses for better visibility using their smart phones, laptops or so.

Research is being conducted on computer algorithms development to balance individual’s visual impairment and also vision-correcting displays are getting created thereby to make it possible for the users to view clearly text messages and pictures without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. This technology could thereby potentially help numerous people who need corrective lenses for using their smartphones, computers and laptops

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researcher team created or developed a prototype for the “vision-correcting display” technology that can fit into any screen like that of smarphones, computer or laptops.

Description of the Prototype:



The prototype is a transparent, thin material that along with a computer algorithm works in correcting its user’s focal distance, the range at which the user’s eye can get objects into focus.

Though visually-impaired people cannot be helped with this vision-correcting display to see the rest of the world clearly, they can be in a way helped getting improved visual experience using smartphones and other devices, as said by the MIT’s media lab research scientist, Gordon Wetzstein.

The setup to enhance image sharpness inserts a printed pinhole screen to a display that between two layers of clear plastic is sandwiched. Each of the tiny pinholes is 75 micrometres and is spaced apart 390 micrometres.

Vision-Correcting-Display Technology

Vision-Correcting-Display Technology

It is based on a user’s specific visual impairment, the image contained single pixel emanates light and the intensity of each light direction is adjusted by the working of the algorithm. The users thus will get to see a sharp image on their Smartphone’s screens by the way of a process called deconvolution in which the pinhole array gets passed through by the light.

As reported by Wetzstein to Live Science, on the regular screen new algorithm computes a pattern that gets displayed, but when observed through this pinhole mask, outside the physical device is a illusion of the focused image formed.

The researchers in the experiment displayed images that were appearing blurred to a camera and simulating a farsighted person. The blurred images, on using the new prototype display appeared sharp through the camera lens.

Fu-Chung Huang, lead author said that the prototype can be developed easily into a screen protector and with the eye-tracking technology improved continuously the displays can be easily made adaptable to the user’s head position.

Also it is stated by Wetzstein that the prototype display’s future versions will make it possible to adjust the algorithm by the viewer based on their optometrist’s prescriptions.

Imagining a world with no more of vision problem makes it really wonderful, thanks to the all new technology and its development.

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