VR vs 3D

Posted on Aug 2 2016 - 11:31am by Pavithra Manisha


The next big thing, Virtual Reality or shortly VR has tied down people with scepticism I believe. It was back in the 2000’s that 3D started making its rounds and was then considered the “next big thing”. It was to transform the way people viewed the television and movies also how people communicated.

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To view 3D stuff one had to buy expensive accessories like goofy eyewear too. It was also expected that the 3D would flock to this new 3D illusion. It was with this 3D technology that Hollywood director James Cameron made so much money that you almost missed much of it.

Is VR here to stay?

Virtual Reality VR

Virtual Reality

Looking at the next big thing of this era in videos, Virtual Reality appears to be greater than 3D technology in some way. Comparing these two  technologies will not have much of a difference in terms of the reach. Looking at VR in depth, experts consider four factors that it has to meet in order to take off:

  1. Multi-purpose

VR is not restricted it to only applications for consumers. It can be useful in the fields of gaming, communications, education, healthcare and others. It is used in a lot of industries for instance it lets you take a virtual tour through the manufacturing facility etc. VR also has a great platform for marketing and advertising.

  1. Assorted content

VR creators are now extended to at home users and also amateurs will create their own VR content. YouTube is soon to be flooded with VR videos submitted by users.

  1. Diminishing device prices

After the Samsung 360 entered the market, the VR device prices have seemed to fall. These new devices allow consumers to film their own VR with comparatively lesser amounts of money.

  1. Upcoming ecosystem

A lot of companies have now started to help out VR grow. Although the returns wont be immediate for investors.

These are the places where 3D couldn’t make that much of a difference. Apart from movies and television there was no scope for 3D to increase usage and performance. The basic model 3D TVs launched at a quite expensive price tag and never got cheaper, 3D content never seemed to materialise and there was no such instance of budding 3D competitors.

For all the people who witness VR for the first time are taken back by the experience. That did not happen with 3D.  Virtual Reality has the capability to master every sector of the economy and also act as a lifeline for the failing ones.

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Recently, The New York Times daily, came with a Google Cardboard, VR viewer with their Sunday deliveries. Their subscribers then had to download a specific app and then enable the smartphone to display the VR video content through the Cardboard. This let the readers engage with the news in a whole new level.

Another reason why the Virtual Reality should be hyped about is its potential to integrate with social media and mobiles. It is believed that the billion Facebook uses will contribute generously to the development of Virtual Reality content .

 Overall Virtual Reality provides you with the opportunity to personalise media for both users and industry. Virtual Rality movies can become different and you can create your own and watch it too. These days consumers are looking at personalising their experience so that they can control it. This is one reason why we conclude that Virtual Reality is definitely here to stay

Get heard. What do you think of Virtual Reality? How close do you think it stands to 3D? Let us know by commenting in the section below.


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