Watt-A-Box from KFC India Charges your Phone!

Posted on Jun 24 2016 - 12:02pm by Pavithra Manisha
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Watt-A-Box! Yes you are reading it right. If you are planning to go to KFC to take a bite of your favorite hot chicken wings, you are also at an advantage of charging your smartphone along, if it runs out of charge. Wondering how? KFC in India has come up with a solution to let their customers charge their smartphones when they are digging into a pile of their mouth watering crispy chicken with their Watt-A-Box.

Watt-A-Box from KFC

Watt-A-Box from KFC

Highlights of Watt-A-Box

·         Watt-A-Box comes with a pre-charged USB plug

·         The 2-in-1 meal box program launched in Delhi and Mumbai KFC

·         Stay connected when enjoying your fried chicken


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KFC’s new meal box called the Watt-A-Box comes fitted with a pre-charged USB plug so that you can charge your mobile device on the go. This idea called the Watt-A-Box program launched in Delhi and Mumbai in India. KFC India is advertising this meal box with a ridiculous commercial that shows a date planning being interrupted because of a dead phone!

The power equipped meal box seems to be a good marketing strategy highlighting the role that technology plays in everyone’s life. I mean we have gone to an extent that even when we sought to fill our stomachs we turn to filling in our smart devices too! Whether you want to grab a hot plate of fried chicken or charge your device, the choice is yours as KFC now lets you do both with their techy two in one meal box!

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