What is the best time to get iPhone 6S in your pockets?

Posted on Jan 13 2016 - 2:12pm by Aparna
iphone6s rose gold

iPhone 6S Rose gold

There are huge fans of Apple  in each nook and corner of the world. Apple stands different from all the other brands when it comes to smart phones. There are people who are regular checkers of its price and reviews so that they can make the best buy. Other than this, there are crazy fans that are hooked to the web for price and discounts. With the latest new iPhone 6S making news in the market, it has gone through a major price slashing down all over again. When the phone was launched in our country, it was sold for Rs. 62,000 but with its increasing value as well as demand, the price was raised to about more than 90,000. In foreign markets, this price was apt and the company got many profits in a really short period of time.

Talking about the current scenario, the prices are dropped drastically. This is mainly because of it’s lesser market value, and other phones coming up with similar features at better rates. All this has compelled the iphone 6s to drop down its prices and you can say that this is the best time to invest in an iPhone and get the best gadget in your hand this New Year. If you are planning to buy this phone, then you can get it for Rs. 49,900 on any of the online shopping websites.

iphone 6s Aluminium

iphone 6s Aluminium

Talking about the latest product launched by the very famous Apple, it has worked well on its outer shell which gives a tough resistance to any sort of bends to the model. Thus, the outer structure is not strengthened. Moreover, the shield of Aluminium adds more strength and comfort to it. Other than this, there are various other improved specs which will still make it the best phone to buy. The new phone has an improved version of the Apple A9 chip and also has a M9 core processor. The camera is of the best quality which will make it even a more favorable buy. You can even shoot unlimited videos since the camera is of the best quality.

After a long wait, 3D touch has been reintroduced in the iPhone. This function is the best of all to talk about. iOS 9 has many other features like the peek and pop UI. This makes the complete process funnier and better to access. If you are keen on buying this, then you better go through all the reviews and ratings before you make a buy. Although, there are no such major changes in the design of the iPhone 6s, it has gone more on the thicker and heavier side of what it used to be earlier. The brand new Rose Gold colour is surely the talk of the town and will be successful in turning more heads than ever. This one is slimmer than the earlier versions of it.

Have a sneak peek at the hardware aspects if you much interested into it. There have always been certain improvements in the hardware since the launch of the first model of the Apple. But even then, there are certain parts of the hardware where they need to work upon and make it better. Overall, this model is impressive and smart to buy. The 3D touch is not any normal one, but it is a combination of the finger pressure and the place where you are placing your touch.

The best part about all the iPhone 6s models are their camera features. They always come with excellent quality cameras. Other than this, the image processing methodology is indeed a good one. It has a 12 MP rear camera. The aperture has been fixed to f2.2 while the pixel size has been kept to 1.22u. The way this phone captures videos, and you can practically zoom in and capture all the aspects of nature live, without any worry about the phone memory or the quality of the picture. There are various options for the quality of the video which you can take. One obvious thing is that the higher the quality, more is the memory it will take up.

Thus, keeping a track of all the aspects, make sure you buy the one which suits all your needs perfectly.

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