WhatsApp for Android Lets URL Copy & Adds Shared Links History

Posted on Mar 1 2016 - 6:14pm by Pavithra Manisha
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In an effort to expand the availability of WhatsApp for Android to more testers, it launched an official beta testing programme through Google Play around last week. Starting this week it rolled out multiple builds of WhatsApp for Android app with new features that now lets you copy links directly from the chat and has also improved the controls to clear chats and other features. The new features have been added in between builds 2.12.453 and  2.12.489. The former build is available now via Google Play and the latest version is available via the official WhatsApp website. For those who are very keen on catching the latest updates can download it from the company’s site or through the Google Play beta testing programme. WhatsApp has around 1 billion monthly active users and is keenly working to provide its users a better experience. WhatsApp for Android goes through so many iterations that sometimes a few go unnoticed.

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So here’s what to expect:

  • There’s a new shared links history tab that lets you take a quick view of all the recently sent links
  • Link copying has been enabled
  • Easier approach to clearing chats

Shared links history tab on WhatsApp for Android


All conversation in WhatsApp has a Media screen that collects all the sent and received images and videos. This is where users can browse through all the videos and images that they have shared with a friend or a group. WhatsApp for Android is now adding a new tab to show the shared link history. This option will be alongside the media history tab that shows the media recently shared. Based on what the screenshots appear, the links will appear with richer preview which when tapped will open the chat conversation. This will let users browse easily through the shared links between friends and family without needing to star them. It is a very useful way to take a quick look at the interesting links that you have either sent or received and find that one special article that you want to check again or share with someone else.

WhatsApp for Android

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New Shared Links Tab

Link copying


The revised version also lets link copying which works with tap and hold. Earlier WhatsApp for Android did not allow link copying. It only allowed the users to copy the complete chat along with the URL. This was one of the most annoying thing in the older versions. Now you can look to easy link copying.  

Clearing chat history


So far the easiest way to get rid of messages in WhatsApp for Android was to completely delete an entire chat The new version has a more easier control over clearing chat. It now lets you delete chats older than 30 days or 6 months, Also the users will get a checkbox when deleting chats to avoid clutter and also that a starred message can be kept.

Clear chat WhatsApp for Android

Clear chat WhatsApp for Android

Wrap up:


Currently, some users have faced an issue with the shared link history tab. The users downloaded the latest 2.12.489 version from the company’s website and noted that the feature hasn’t yet come to action. The other two features were available though.

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As of now there is no news about when these features will be available in the Google Play Store or the iOS users. It will definitely be available soon though.

Get heard. What other additions you think needs to be added to the list of iterations that WhatsApp for Android is streaming? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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