WhatsApp to get ‘Call via Skype’ feature

Posted on Jan 7 2015 - 3:33pm by TechliveTech
WhatsApp free voice-calling feature  to come along with ‘Call via Skype’ feature

WhatsApp free voice-calling feature to come along with ‘Call via Skype’ feature

It’s a known fact that WhatsApp, the very common and popular instant messaging app is to get free voice-calling feature added to it in 2015. This was officially confirmed by the company’s CEO Keon but latest we get to know about WhatsApp is of more new information.

The recent findings inside the iPhone app codes reveal that WhatsApp might soon get “call via Skype” video chatting option. According to a report by Tech blog Maktechblog, on investigating WhatsApp’s iPhone app codes it found a clear reference to the voice calling feature of Microsoft’s instant messaging client. The blog also spotted several other interesting voice calling references within the codes such as ‘Call Hold’, ‘Call Notifications’, ‘Call Mute’, ‘Call me in X minutes’, ‘Call back’, ‘Call back message’ and ‘Separate screen for call logs’. All these suggest that the voice-calling feature when rolled out would be completely qualified.

The iPhone app codes revealing WhatsApp's interesting features

The iPhone app codes revealing WhatsApp’s interesting features

What is expected out of this “Call via Skype” feature might be that WhatsApp plans to enable its users to convert the ongoing text conversation or audio-calls into video chat with a one-click option. As suggested by the blog it doesn’t seem to be surprising for Skype getting integrated with WhatsApp as it’s now owning company Facebook has also partnered with Skype in 2011 for its video chat service launch. Moreover, Microsoft – being Facebook’s investor is obvious to get the Call via Skype feature happening along with the social networking giant.  

In addition to the “Call via Skype” feature, it seems WhatsApp has also got some other features like the Driving Mode and Do not Disturb features integrated with it that were also found in the code. As for Driving Mode feature it might help its users while driving, messages and calls could be read out to the user while driving or also work as a Do not Disturb feature.

Also there have been traces of information trailing with regards to the company working on the app’s web client version. Recently a hidden code inside a WhatsApp update read as “WhatsApp Web” which triggered the anecdotes.

Well first WhatsApp announced of its voice calling feature after it getting acquired by Facebook. So now it becomes a very important feature for the company as many other popular instant messaging apps like WeChat and Viber have already offered their voice calling options.

WhatsApp's voice calling feature  now becomes a very important feature  for the company

WhatsApp’s voice calling feature now becomes a very important feature for the company

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  1. Manuraj January 7, 2015 at 5:44 pm - Reply

    Good Post

  2. Olivia Bright January 8, 2015 at 11:46 pm - Reply

    BrightVerge: Earlier Facebook acquired WhatsApp & Microsoft acquired Skype. Now Whatsapp integrating with Skype. Also, Facebook uses Skype integration for video call.
    What the heck is going on?

    • techlive_admin January 9, 2015 at 9:20 am - Reply

      Good Question . Any one from Facebook or Microsoft to clear.

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