WhatsApp to follow the footsteps of Facebook to add new features

Posted on Jul 15 2015 - 5:51pm by Aparna

Facebook is gaining huge popularity day by day and within a short span of time, it has been successful in reaching every house on Earth. With this, Facebook has started planning to expand its business. And to make this possible, Facebook acquired WhatsApp in the year 2014 at a good rate of $19 billion. Once this has been done, Mark Zuckerberg is constantly trying to renovate the older version of WhatsApp and make it similar to Facebook. Both the apps are exchanging their features to get the best of both worlds.


Facebook came up with its independent Messenger app which can be used solely for chatting and exchanging images and emoticons. In turn, it is trying to make WhatsApp similar to Facebook by adding blue ticks to the read messages and making it more user-friendly. Of late, there has been a rumour stating that WhatsApp will be have the feature of ‘like’ and ‘mark as unread’ which is already available in Facebook. This will surely help WhatsApp to attract more customers. When and how these features will come up is not decided yet but chances are that it might act similar to Facebook and have the thumbs up emoticon. You will also be able to exchange photos and use WhatsApp in a better way.


‘Mark as unread’ is a forthcoming update in the app. This will help people in a great way. They can save themselves from dreadful blue marks which are not desired many a times. The other feature of thumbs up will allow the users to reply to short messages with thumbs up instead of typing the entire word or sentence. Also, such features will be added in group chats too. You will be able to share photos and videos in an easy way and the members of the group will have an option to like it and also make a comment on the same. Again this will save all the unnecessary typing. Double ticks when the message is sent, and blue ticks when it is read are not required all the time. But they are not sure about this feature yet. We can consider this feature as being changed in coming months for a better version. If all turns out to be well, we will sure get a better and more convenient version of WhatsApp to use.

According to the rumours, these features will be coming soon. After hearing the rumours, people are waiting for the like button on WhatsApp so that they can use it to the maximum since this feature is extensively used on Facebook to like a picture, comment, video, and many more. Mark as unread feature is expected to be similar to Gmail and other mail services which will be useful for all the users. So, let us all wait for a better version of WhatsApp as many new features are going to be added for you to get the most efficient and convenient app to use.

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