WordPress Blogs to Get New Plugins to Support Facebook’s Instant Articles

Posted on Mar 8 2016 - 10:43am by Pavithra Manisha

Facebook and Automattic (WordPress software maker)  have published a new plugin that is packed with a number of built-in tools that lets writers prepare blogs ahead of the launch. These tools will let the bloggers choose to auto-play videos, tap-to-zoom photo galleries and make their posts more attractive and interactive.

Instant Articles on WordPress

Instant Articles on WordPress

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WordPress to have Facebook’s Instant Articles

You must have come across Instant Articles on Facebook. In case you are a blogger who turns to Facebook everyday for the daily news update, then you must have surely come across the Instant Articles. As of now a small number of publishers are able to serve up news articles quickly for mobile devices. Starting April 12th this technology will be open to all including the bloggers.  Facebook has teamed up with Automattic, which is the WordPress software’s company . These companies are all set to make it easier for writers across the world to serve pages ten times faster than it is served now and get communities on board.

For Facebook this is a significant move. As the open-source WordPress software now powers more than one fourth of the sites on the web.

The company has also said that all the standard templates will support the new plugin, It has also warned the site owners, who have customised the templates as they may be required to play the plugin to get optimal results. As WordPress is open-source, it is likely to get more support that will let Facbook take a chance to gloom over the other mobile optimised platforms.

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Get heard. Do you think this new plugin will let provide a similar Facebook Instant Articles like technology and let bloggers read what they need more effectively? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

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