You Might Get Branded Nokia Mobiles from 2016| Nokia Re-Entry

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Nokia, the non-literary synonym for Mobiles over a decade around the world has been acquired by legendary computer operating system maker, Microsoft over a year ago, after it was crushed by the Google’s Android and Cheaper priced Smartphones by plenty of Chinese maker in the market. Most of the loyal Nokia Mobiles lovers felt sad about this unforgettable event in the business world. This is especially because; they won’t have any chances of getting their branded Nokia Mobiles back in their hand. But, few days ago, there was a viral rumor around the Nokia makers stating that, they would return to the market by 2016.

Nokia Rumored To Return To Making Phones Next Year:

Yes, the rumor about the Nokia Mobiles has been viral on the internet for last two days. The reason behind the viral spread is especially because, “Nokia Rumored to Return to Making Phones Next Year”. The majority of the peoples have the same question, “How could that possible?” because, most of the Nokia’s patent license and other manufacturing rights have been taken over by Microsoft during the course of acquiring the company. With this important note, this news was considered to be the rumor by techies.

Microsoft – Nokia Agreements: Insights:

If you just go through the complete insights of the Microsoft – Nokia agreements during the course of selling business rights to Microsoft by Nokia, there is a great loophole associated with Nokia, which might definitely favor them in returning to the market. “Is that true? Yes, certainly!

You Might Get Branded Nokia Mobiles from 2016| Nokia Re-Entry

Nokia Smartphones Set To Android Mobiles by 2016

This is effectively possible because of the Nokia’s Re/Code report. Some of the official sources claiming that, Nokia’s R&D moves to China. According to the agreement between the two tech giants, “Nokia was strictly prohibited to launch any newbie Smartphone under their brand (Nokia Mobiles) until the 2nd quarter of 2016. The condition is a bit different for the feature phones from Nokia, because, according to the concord, Nokia should not manufacture the feature phones for a decade. Perhaps, the agreement wasn’t over. Interestingly, Nokia still has the power of licensing their incredible technologies to other manufacturers across the globe. It helps us to believe that, Nokia might re-enter into the market by 2016.

Indirect Entry to the Smartphone World:

As Nokia sold its complete manufacturing powers to Microsoft during acquisition, it is very certain that, Nokia could enter into the market with the same stuff. But wait, there is a back door entry gifted with Nokia to return to the market. Yes, instead of direct manufacturing the mobiles, Nokia could use the power of licensing other manufacturers to produce their branded Nokia mobiles, indeed.

Remember Nokia N1 Tablets Few Months Ago:

Hope you all remember the Nokia N1 Tablets which were launched in Chinese market a few months back. One of the interesting facts which you want to know is that, this incident happened after the company sold its rights to Microsoft. This is achieved in real time because; Nokia Technologies has the patent arm of Nokia and its various licensing powers of over 10,000 patents to various manufacturers. Not only the Nokia N1 tablet, but also the Z Launcher for Android mobiles was launched by Nokia. But, the license of manufacturing, branding, and marketing has been powered to Foxconn Inc.

You Might Get Branded Nokia Mobiles from 2016| Nokia Re-Entry

Nokia N1 Tablet Launched in Chinese Market later 2014

To add flavor to the stuff, Nokia recently acquired the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Alcatel-Lucent. They might utilize this industry for their future projects. Apart from that, Nokia is also looking for the right business associate to handle their HERE Maps division. The HERE Maps is one among the few navigational apps that is a worthy competitor with internet giant’s Google Maps for sure.

After the acquisition of the Alcatel Lucent deal, the corporate of Nokia says that, “Nokia is keen on a clear focus on incubating new technologies and sharing those technologies through an active licensing program” and this is quite common in the business industry, they added. Also, officials stated that, “expanding into exciting new areas with a focus on enabling the human possibilities of the connected world”.  Former Nokia’s executive, Richards Charris stated that, “The people will be blown away if some of the products which are under development came out in market”.

Nokia China works on Android Projects:

One of the most fascinating questions that arise with the re-entry (irrespective of direct or indirect mode) of Nokia Mobiles is that, which operating system they support. As of only one thing becomes official, as it was stated by President of Nokia China. Yes, Nokia was involved with the process of developing upcoming Nokia Mobiles with the Android Operating System. The manufacturing process will be started on the Nokia manufacturing units in Sichuan. These Android powered Nokia Mobiles could be launched later in the year 2016. The officials of Finnish industry also claimed that, “the Nokia’s R&D center will permanently relocate to Sichuan, China”.

Bottom Line:

Recently Nokia’s CEO Rajeev Suri has officially cleared that “Nokia may not return to consumer market directly, but he has not ruled out the brand to return to Consumer world”. There are ample of future projects and plans are associated with Nokia, which has no doubt. I count myself one among the branded Nokia Mobiles lovers who is sincerely waiting to get re-launch of it.

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