YouTube Radio is Now Experimenting with Limited Users

Posted on Feb 13 2015 - 12:44pm by TechliveTech
YouTube Radio is a new feature getting tested with limited Users

YouTube Radio is a new feature getting tested with limited Users

It looks like YouTube is gearing up with testing a new feature named YouTube Radio to have it down the line. This new feature of YouTube is expected to be an extension of the YouTube Mix feature which is a part of the video service already.

For continuous video streaming, YouTube Mix is a cool feature which eliminates the need to knock the play button all time. Now according to reports from Google Operating Systems, the company seems to be experimenting the YouTube Radio feature that is expected to be an uplifting and fine-tuning of the Mix feature in order to have unending continuous video streaming. The primary difference between YouTube Radio and Mix feature is that radio is to stream videos continuously non-stop while also personalization being possible.

The YouTube Radio feature being in beta mode is available only to a limited number of users. These users on using the feature are notified with a prompt reading as “A non-stop radio station based on the current video. You can like, dislike and dismiss videos to tailor your Radio Station to your taste.”

YouTube Radio Feature Screenshot

YouTube Radio Feature Screenshot

On looking at the above screenshot, the feature looking more like Mix is to keep playing videos continuously one by one based on the user’s video preference not minding of the user’s YouTube browsing history. The Radio Station also provides its users with options to like dislike and dismiss videos from it with playing videos all day long if wished.

This feature can also be a way to have users stay in its platform for long time. The company to have users spend long time in its site might be getting this feature ready. Recently, YouTube tweaked the way in which its videos end to make sure people stay on its site for long time. If noticed, in YouTube earlier people were given what to watch recommendations but now it is different as the platform by itself produces a preferred video automatically and within ten seconds plays it without user’s consent.

Also YouTube recently has been experimenting slew of features. It to enrich the video consumption experience is testing a multi-angle feature that is being tested on one video only for now. With this feature it is expected to enable users to watch video from multiple angles allowing a more personalized viewing experience.

There is yet another feature on which the company is currently working and it is to support 360-degree videos. This feature allows users upload their videos taken from their special 360-degree cameras (that are yet to be introduced into the market). And also virtual reality headsets can be used with this feature is what is expected. Testing is even done to create GIFs from YoutTube videos.

YouTube is also to use HTML5 for playing content on Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, beta versions of Firefox browsers and Safari 8.

Finally, YouTube with this feature is to enable users to listen to music the whole day without the need to get into the deal of 50 videos limit that is now available with YouTube Mix. And this being in its testing phase limited to only a select group of YouTube users if gets popular might end up getting rolled out to everyone in the future. But whether Google would have this along with YouTube Mix or would it replace it with this improved radio feature is unclear.

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